New Instruction Set
AACAlter All Commands
AARAlter at Random
ABAdd Backwards
AFVCAdd Finagle's Variable Constant
AIBAttack Innocent Bystander
AWTTAssemble with Tinker Toys
BACBranch to Alpha Centauri
BAFBlow all Fuses
BAFLBranch and Flush
BBILBranch on Burned-Out Indicator Light
BBTBranch on Binary Tree
BBWBranch Both Ways
BCILBranch Creating Infinite Loop
BDCBreak Down and Cry
BDTBurn Data Tree
BEWBranch Either Way
BFBelch Fire
BHBranch and Hang
BMRBranch Multiple Registers
BOBBranch on Bug
BODBeat on the Disk
BOIByte Operator Immediately
BPDIBe Polite, Don't Interrupt
BPOBranch on Power Off
BRSSBranch on Sunspot
BSTBackspace and Stretch Tape
BWBranch on Whim
CBNCClose, but no Cigar
CDCClose Disk Cover
CDIOOAZCalm Down, It's Only Ones and Zeroes
CEMUClose Eyes and Monkey With User Space
CHCreate Havoc
CLBRClobber Register
CLBRIClobber Register Immediately
CMCirculate Memory
CMDCompare Meaningless Data
CMLCompute Meaning of Life
CNBCause Nervous Breakdown
COLBCrash for Operator's Lunch Break
CPPRCrumple Printer Paper and Rip
CRASHContinue Running After Stop or Halt
CRBCrash and Burn
CRNConvert to Roman Numerals
CSCrash System
CSLCurse and Swear Loudly
CUConvert to Unary
CVGConvert to Garbage
CWOMComplement Write-only Memory
CZZCConvert Zone to Zip Code
DBTPDrop Back Ten and Punt
DBZDivide by Zero
DCDivide and Conquer
DDCDally During Calculations
DLNDon't Look Now...
DMNSDo What I Mean, Not What I Say
DMPEDecide to Major in Phys. Ed.
DMPKDestroy Memory Protect Key
DNPGDo Not Pass Go
DODivide and Overflow
DOCDrive Operator Crazy
DPMIDeclare Programmer Mentally Incompetent
DPRDestroy Program
DTCDestroy This Command
DTEDecrement Telephone Extension
DTVFLDestroy Third Variable From Left
DWDestroy World
EBBEdit and Blank Buffer
ECOElectrocute Computer Operator
EFDEmulate Frisbee Using Disk Pack
EIAOExecute In Any Order
EIOCExecute Invalid Op-code
EMPCEmulate Pocket Calculator
EMSEEdit and Mark Something Else
ENFEmit Noxious Fumes
EPExecute Programmer
EPIExecute Programmer Immediately
EROSErase Read-only Storage
EXOPExecute Operator
EXPPExecute Political Prisoner
FLIFlash Lights Impressively
FSMFold, Spindle and Mutilate
FSRAForms Skip and Run Away
GCARGet Correct Answer Regardless
GDPGrin Defiantly at Programmer
GFDGo Forth and Divide
GFMGo Forth and Multiply
HCFHalt and Catch Fire
HCPHide Central Processor
IAEIgnore All Exceptions
IBPInsert Bug and Proceed
IIBIgnore Inquiry and Branch
ISCInsert Sarcastic Comments
JTZJump to Twilight Zone
LAPLaugh At Programmer
LCCLoad and Clear Core
LPALead Programmer Astray
MAZMultiply Answer by Zero
MBRMultiply and be Fruitful
MLRMove and Lose Record
MWMalfunction Whenever
MWAGMake Wild-Assed Guess
MWTMalfunction Without Telling
OMLObey Murphy's Laws
P$*!Punch Obscenity
PBCPrint and Break Chain
PDPlay Dead
PDSKPunch Disk
PEHCPunch Extra Holes in Cards
PFDPunt on Fourth Down
PIPunch Invalid
PNRPPrint Nasty Replies to Programmer
POCLPunch Out Console Lights
POPIPunch Operator Immediately
PVLCPunch Variable Length Card
RARandomize Answer
RASCRead and Shred Card
RCBRead Command Backwards
RDReverse Directions
RDARefuse to Disclose Answer
RDBRun Disk Backwards
RDSRead Sideways
RIRGRead Inter-record Gap
RLIRotate Left Indefinitely
ROCRandomize Op Codes
ROORub Out Operator
RPBRead Print and Blush
RPMRead Programmer's Mind
RSDOn Read Error Self-Destruct
RSTOMRead From Store-only Memory
RTSReturn To Sender
RWCRRewind Card Reader
SAISkip All Instructions
SASSit And Spin
SCCAShort Circuit on Correct Answer
SFHSet Flags to Half-mast
SFTStall For Time
SHABShift a Bit
SHABMShift a Bit More
SLPSharpen Light Pen
SMRSkip on Meaningless Result
SOSSign off, Stupid
SOTSit on a Tack
SPSSet Panel Switches
SPSWScramble Program Status Word
SQPCSit Quietly and Play With Your Crayons
SRDRShift Right Double Ridiculous
SRSDSeek Record and Scar Disk
SRZSubtract and Reset to Zero
SSJSelect Stacker and Jam
STAStore Anywhere
STROMStore in Read-only Memory
TARCTake Arithmetic Review Course
TDBTransfer and Drop Bits
TLOTurn Indicator Lights Off
TNTake a Nap
TPDLTell Programmer to Do it Him/Herself
TPFTurn Power Off
TPNTurn Power On
TTATry, Try Again
UCBUncouple CPU and Branch
UERUpdate and Erase Record
ULDAUnload Accumulator
UPUnderstand Program
UPCIUpdate Card In Place
WBTWater Binary Tree
WEMGWrite Eighteen Minute Gap
WFWait Forever
WHFOWait Until Hell Freezes Over
WIWrite Illegibly
WPMWrite Programmer's Mind
WWLRWrite Wrong-Length Record
WSWWWork in Strange and Wondrous Ways
XSPExecute Systems Programmer
ZARZero Any Register