Stop, look,listen
Readin', writin','rithmetic
Faith, hope,charity
Life, liberty,the pursuit of happiness
Blood, sweat,tears
Calm, cool,collected
Signed, sealed,delivered
Man, woman,child
Lock, stock,barrel
Hook, line,sinker
Gold, frankincense,myrrh
Here, there,everywhere
Hither, thither,yon
Up, up,away
Eat, drink,be merry
Wine, women,song
Tall, dark,handsome
Healthy, wealthy,wise
Friends, Romans,countrymen
Is, was,evermore shall be
Me, myself,I
Baubles, bangles,beads
Bell, book,candle
Solid, liquid,gas
Name, rank,serial number
Ready, willing,able
Snap, crackle,pop
On land, on sea,in the air
Shake, rattle,roll
Love, honour,obey
Papa bear, mama bear,baby bear
Doric, Ionian,Corinthian
Father, Son,Holy Ghost
The Lion, the Witch,the Wardrobe
The Good, the Bad,the Ugly
See no evil, hear no evil,speak no evil
Veni, vidi,vici
Liberty, equality,fraternity
Lights!, camera!,action!
Ready!, aim!,fire!
Ready!, steady!,go!
Tic tactoe
Rock, paper,scissors
Going, going,gone
Butcher, baker,candlestick maker
It's a bird!, it's a plane!,it's Superman
Wham, bam,thank you ma'am
Animal, vegetable,mineral
Win, lose,draw
Win, place,show
Good, bad,indifferent
Beg, borrow,steal
Do not fold, spindle,mutilate
Sugar and spiceeverything nice
Slugs and snailspuppy-dog tails
Tom, DickHarry
Huey, Duey,Louie
Flopsy, Mopsy,Cottontail
Peter, Paul,Mary
Shadrach, Meshach,Abednego
Porthos, Athos,Aramis
Wynken, Blynken,Nod
Nina, Pina,Santa Maria
Atchison, Topeka,Santa Fe