Autoflush automatically flushes your toilet at definable intervals-- from every fifteen minutes to every twelve days! Can control up to two toilets at once! Requires ethernet connection and toilets supporting Swedish digital flushing standards.

Sandwich CAD - Sandwich Designer

Switch from wheat to rye faster than ever before! Design sandwiches, then make them in your own kitchen! Sandwich CAD allows manipulations impossible to duplicate in real life! Comes with cheese sandwich, and ham and cheese sandwich templates. Also includes four types of lettuce lattice: Romaine, Boston, Iceberg, and ZapfDingbats.


The premier database for keeping track of your food's expiration dates. Review expiration dates of products bought weeks, even months ago. Switch to Visual Mode and watch Expirience graphically depict how rotten food would be by now. Extrapolation into future possible in Visual Mode for dates up to July 12, 2025.


Chef uses our patented Edibility Algorithm to create original recipes from any ingredients that you enter. The following example recipe was created from inputting the following ingredients: hamburger, eggs, orange juice, boullion cubes.

Egg-Orange Juice-Boullion Cube Surprise
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Baste egg in orange juice.
Add hamburger patty to egg-juice mixture.
Fry under low heat until brown.
Chill and serve.
Add boullion cubes to taste.