Weird Units of Measure
Are you fed up with physics? Do you need some excitement or variation? Try changing your standard units to more enjoyable ones. Then you can revel yourself in knowing that almost no one else understands what the gibberish you write down means . Then you can cover up outcomes that you don't particularly like.







Other Thoughts

You could measure the gas mileage of a car in inverse acres. To calculate the inverse gas mileage, you drive as far as you can with one gallon, then you make a very long skinny hose whose length is the distance you drove and whose volume is exactly one gallon. You then measure the area of the cross-section of the interior of this hose in acres. Now take the reciprocal.


If you ever encounter a teacher who says, "use any units, just carry them through the calculations," then you know what to do: use the above. (Example units of ampere-turn/(furlong * fortnight * fortnight). You calculate what this was.) Another possibility in this situation is saying, "the answer is 12.7 Meulens, where the Meulen is defined via this problem."