Ways to say "As Much Use As...."
antimatter suntan lotion
barbed wire harp
blind lifeguard
braille speedometers
brake oil
bread boat
cellophane blindfold
chocolate staples
chocolate teapot
concrete engine
concrete lifejacket
cotton sandpaper
cubic ball bearing
custard floorboards
dark-emitting diode
exploding bassoon
fireproof matches
flame retardant petrol
flammable fire extinguisher
freeze dried water
glass cricket bat
glow-in-the-dark sunglasses
granite sugar cubes
gravy ceiling tiles
helicopter ejection seat
ice cream saucepans
inflatable anchor
inflatable dart board
invisible traffic light
jam cardigan
knitted light bulb
lead balloon
licorice suspension bridge
mesh umbrella
metal parachute
neon pink secret door
nonstick cellotape
pair of jelly wellingtons
plate steel trampoline
remote control for a Sony Watchman
revolving basement restaurant
roll-on hairspray
see-through mirror
shortbread tires
sign language alarm clock
silent telephone
solar powered foghorn
solar powered nightlight
string hook
sun roof on a motorcycle
syrup underwear
unscented perfume
waterproof sponge
waterproof tea bag
waterproof toilet paper
wooden soap