Acronyms And Colloquialisms
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
ANFAWFOSA Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ATLAAnother Three Letter Acronym
BNFBig Name Fan
BOCBut Of Course
BOS/BRSBig Orange (Red) Switch
BOTBack On Topic
BRBBe Right Back / Big Red Button
BSEGBig Shit Eating Grin
BTWBy The Way
CECreative Editing
CIAOas in goodbye (said 'Chow')
COTFLGOHAHACrawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out And Having A Heart Attack
CULCatch/See You Later
CUL8RSee You Later
CWYLChat With You Later
CYACover Your Ass / See ya!
DBADoing Business As
DBNDoing Business, NOT
DILLIGAFFDo I Look Like I Give a Flying Figment
DITUIHIBMSL?Did I tell you I hate IBMs lately?
DITUILIBMSL?Did I tell you I love IBMs lately?
DNPMDarn Near Pissed Myself
DUCWICDo You See What I See
DYHWIHDo You Hear What I Hear
DYSWISDo You See What I See
E2EGEar to Ear Grin
EODEnd Of Discussion
EOLEnd Of Lecture
ESADEat Shit And Die
ESALEat Shit And Live
ETLAEnhanced TLA
FIINF***ed If I Know!
FITBFill In The Blank
FOADF*** Off And Die
FOAFFriend Of A Friend
FOAFOAGFather Of A Friend Of A Girlfriend
FOAGFather Of A Girlfriend
FOSFull Of Shit
FOTFull Of Tripe
FRZFruitin' Religious Zealot
FTASBFaster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTLFaster Than Light
FUBABF***ed Up Beyond All Belief
FUBARF***ed Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair
FUMTUF***ed Up More Than Usual
FWIWFor What It's Worth
FYAFor Your Action
FYIFor Your Information
GD&RGrinning, Ducking and Running
GGNGotta Go Now
GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out
GIWISTGee I Wish I'd Said That
GRUITGet Real yoU Impudent Thing
HANDHave A Nice Day
HHO 1/2 KHa Ha Only Half Kidding
HHOKHa Ha Only Kidding
HOMPRHang On, Mobile Phones' Ringing
HTHHope this Helps!
HUAHead Up Ass
HWUAHead Way Up Ass
HWS(PEST)Husband Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing)
IACIn Any Case
IANACI Am Not A Crook
IANALI Am Not A Lawyer
IANALBIPOOTVI Am Not A Lawyer, But I Play One On TV
IARTPFWTSIOWIMI am repeating this parrot-fashion without the slightest idea of what it means.
IBCInadequate, But Cute
IBMInadequate, but Marketable
ICBMInterContinental Ballistic Missile
ICURI See You Are
IDGADI Don't Give A Damn
IDGASI Don't Give A Shit
IITYWTMWYKMIf I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?
ILII Like Ike
ILIWTPCTI Love It When The Plan Comes Together.
ILSHIBAMFI Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture!
IMBOIn My Biased Opinion
IMHOIn My Humble/Honest Opinion
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion
IMOIn My Opinion
IMVHOIn My Very Humble Opinion
INPOIn No Particular Order
IOWIn Other Words
IROOCI've Run Out Of Cigarettes
JANFUJoint Army-Navy F***up.
KISSKeep It Simple Stupid
KMAKiss My Ass
LAGNAFLet's All Get Naked And F***ed
LLTALots and Lots of Thunderous (or Thundering) Applause
LMAOLaughing My Ass Off
LOLLots Of Love / Laughing Out Loud
LTIPLaughing Til I Puke
MCIBTY(SN)My Computer Is Better Than Yours (So Nyerrr)
MFGMore Friendly Garbage!
MGDMy Gameboy died
MHDC(A)My Hard Drive crashed (again)
MMIFMy Mouth Is Full
MSCEAMy Southern Comforts' Empty Again
MYOBMind Your Own Business
NBDNo Big Deal
NERDNational Establishment for Real Dorks
NFWNo F***ing Way!
NIMBYNot in My Back Yard
NTLNevertheless / Nonetheless
OATUSOn A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUSOn An Unrelated Subject
ONNAOh No, Not Again
ONNTAOh No, Not This Again
OOSOOMOut Of Sight, Out Of Mind
OOTCObligatory On-Topic Comment
OTCOver The Counter
OTOHOn The Other Hand
OTOOHOn The Other Other Hand
OTTOMHOff the Top of My Head
OTTOMHAROOOff the Top of My Head and Rolling Out of Bounds
OTWOn The Whole
OWTTEOr Words To That Effect
PMETCPardon Me etc.
PMYMHMMFSWGADPardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn.
POQPiss Off Quickly
POQADCBPiss Off Quickly and Don't Come Back!
POVPoint Of View
PPPPetty Pet Peeve
ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing!
ROFLASTCRolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat!
ROFLGORolling On Floor Laughing Guts Out!
ROTBAReality On The Blink Again
ROFFNARRolling On The Floor For No Apparent Reason
ROFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My Ascii Off
ROFLOLRolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROFLOLVHRolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Very Hard
ROFPMLRoll On Floor Pissing Myself Laughing.
ROFTTPOFRolling On The Floor Trying To Put Out Flames
RSNReal Soon Now
RTFMRead The F***ing Manual
RTFMARead The Manual, Sir (from the military)
SBCNSitting Behind the Computer, Naked,
SHShit Happens
SICSSitting In Chair Snickering
SIINStuffed If I Know!
SNAFUSituation Normal, All F***ed Up
SOSignificant Other (See GF or BF)
SOIStunk On Ice
SOLShit Out of Luck
SOPStanding Operational Proceedure
STIFF"Stiff", said loudly.
TANJ"There Ain't No Justice" - Niven
TANSTAAFL"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" - Heinlein
TCBTaking care of business
TCBYTaking care of business, Ya'll
TCDThe Cat's Dead
TDDThe Dog's Dead
TGALThink Globally, Act Locally
TGIFThank God It's Friday
TIAThanks In Advance
TINALOThis is not a legal opinion
TINARThis is not a recommendation
TINWISThat Is Not What I Said
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TNOTVSThere's Nothing On Television, so ...
TPS(S)This Program Sucks (Severely)
TPTBThe Powers That Be
TRDMCTears Running Down My Cheeks.
TSOHFTotal Sense Of Humour Failure
TTBOMKTo The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFNTa Ta For Now
TTMTo The Moderator
TTYLTalk To You Later
TTYRSTalk To You Real Soon?
TUFDThe User File Died
UTCUnder The Counter
UTTUnder The Table
VETLAVery Enhanced TLA
WAB??What, Another bill?
WAMKSAMWhy Are My Kitties (Kids) Staring At Me?
WCAGAWhat Comes Around, Goes Around
WDYMBTWhat Do (or Did) You Mean By That?
WIBAMUWell I'll be a Monkey's Uncle
WMMOWSWash My Mouth Out With Soap!
WOTAMWaste Of Time And Money
WTHWhat the Heck
WWSWife Wants Sex (please wait a tic)
WYLABOCTGWTRWould You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
WYLASOMWTCWould You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment?
WYSIWYGWhat You See is What You Get
WYTYSYDGWhat You Thought You Saw, You Didn't Get
YAOTMYet Another Off-Topic Message
YHGASPLYou Have Got A Serious Problem, Lad!
YMMVYour Mileage May Vary
YWSYLSYou Win Some, You Lose Some