What is your Opera Index?
0.0You can't even sing along with the air-raid siren.
0.5You think "pitch" is something you do to a baseball.
1.0You can tell the difference between rest notes and Kanji.
1.5You know that Albinoni isn't a sea mollusk.
2.0You can't wait for Romeo and Juliet to take their story to its tragic and well deserved conclusion.
2.5You actually bought a copy of K-tell's "Greatest Opera Hits"
3.0Your parents love opera, you'll watch it only if it's on TV.
3.5You've got tapes of complete operas hidden in your car.
4.0You include quotes from operas in your Usenet postings.
4.5You think Mario Lanza got a raw deal.
5.0You have season tickets to the MET's Mostly Mozart Festival
5.5You have a plaster bust of Verdi on your toy piano.
6.0You've memorized the fake french dialogue in Die Fledermaus.
6.5You cry every time Mimi hides her cough from Ruldolfo.
7.0You'd watch Andrea Chenier again.
7.5You actually like the Wagnarian style.
8.0You actually believe in Turandot's beauty through her aria, despite visual evidence to the contrary.
8.5You've got Wagner's Ring Cycle memorized...both versions.
9.0You've developed a better filing system than Koechel's.
9.5Kiri Te Kanawa thinks you're cute.
9.6You think Dane Joan Sutherland is a sexy mama.
9.7Pavarotti, Carrera and Domingo compete for your autograph.
10.0Caruso does cameos at your seances.