Employee Professional Improvement Courses (EPIC)
E100 - Molding Your Employee's Behavior Through Guilt & Fear
E103 - Eye Avoidance Techniques
E104 - The Primal Shrug
E110 - Overcoming Peace of Mind
E155 - Cross-Dressing for Success
E200 - Career Opportunities in the Channel Islands
E309 - Slide Rule Shortcuts
E404 - Tax Shelters for the Indigent
E451 - "I made 100 in Property!"
E520 - Creative Suffering
EB42 - Whine Your Way to Higher Pay
EB59 - How to Profit From Your Own Body
EB94 - Underachiever's Guide to Very Small Business Opportunities
EC13 - Bonsai Your Pet
EC22 - Communication Through Tap Dance
EC77 - Sinus Drainage in the Office
EF69 - Dealing With Post-Realization Depression
EC77 - Ego Gratification Through Violence
EF93 - How to Overcome Self-Doubt Through Pretense & Ostentation
EH99 - Biofeedback & How to Stop
EH12 - Suicide & Your Health
EH23 - How to Convert Your Office into a Garage
EH41 - Money Can Make You Rich
EH58 - High Fibre Sex
EJ33 - Creative Tooth Decay
EJ56 - The Joys of Hypochondria
EJ78 - Looter's Guide to American Cities
EH12 - How to Draw Genitalia
EH12 - The Repair & Maintenance of Your Virginity
EM19 - Gifts for the Senile
EB42 - Burglarproof Your Home in Concrete
EX14 - Guilt Without Sex