Book Title Puns
How to Write Big BooksWarren Peace
The Art of ArcheryBeau N. Arrow
Songs for ChildrenBarbara Blacksheep
Irish Heart SurgeryAngie O'Plasty
Split PersonalitiesJacqueline Hyde
Under the BleachersSeymour Butts
Desert CrossingI. Rhoda Camel
School TruancyMarcus Absent
I Was a Cloakroom AttendantMahatma Coate
I Lost My BalanceEileen Dover and Phil Down
Mystery in the BarnyardHu Flung Dung
Positive ReinforcementWade Ago
Shhh!Danielle Soloud
The Philippine Post OfficeImelda Letter
Things to Do at a PartyBob Frapples
Stop ArguingXavier Breath
Come on In!Doris Open
The German Bank RobberyHans Zupp
I Hate the SunGladys Knight
Prison SecurityBarb Dweyer
Irish First AidR.U. O'Kaye
My Career As a ClownAbe Ozo
The World's Deadliest JokeTheophilus Punoval
Here's Pus in Your EyeLance Boyle
My Life on Skid RowTitus A. Drum
I Didn't Do It!Ivan Alibi
Why I Eat at McDonaldsTommy Ayk
I Hit the WallIsadore There
The Bruce Lee StoryMarsha Larts
Take This Job and Shove ItIke Witt
Rapunzel RapunzelHarris Long
Split PersonalitiesJacqueline Hyde
How I Won the MarathonRandy Hoelway
Songs from "South Pacific"Sam and Janet Evening