Translating "Personal" Advertisements
Independent Thinker Crazy
Outrageous Crazy and likely to indulge in dangerous behavior
High-Spirited Crazy, hyperactive, and throws things
Free-Spirited Crazy and irresponsible
Ample Large
Huggable Large
Zaftig REALLY Large
Fat and Sassy Large and loudmouthed
Slender Skinny
Svelte Anorexic
Petite (I am)Short
Petite (you are) Size 2
Dynamic Pushy
Assertive Pushy with a mean streak
Excited About Life's Journey No concept of reality
Moody Manic-depressive
Unpredictable Manic-depressive and off medication
Soulful Manic-depressive and quiet
Poetic Manic-depressive and boring
Looking for Mr/Ms RightLooking for Mr/Ms Rich
"Very Human" Quasimodo
Uninhibited Lacking basic social skills
Irreverent Mean and lacking basic social skills
Aging Child Self-centered adult
Freedom-loving Undependable
Young at Heart Over-40
Youthful Over-50 and in major denial
Chatty Never shuts up
Humorous Watches too much TV and never shuts up
Financially secure (I am)Has a job
Financially secure (you are) Rich
Affectionate Horny
Romantic Horny
Passionate REALLY horny