Book Title Puns (2)
The Music of Handel by Aaron G. String
Big White Bird by Albert Ross
The Singer by Barry Tone
English Breakfast by Chris P. Bacon and Ann Negg
The Lion-Tamer by Claud Face
Prehistoric Reptiles by Dinah Soar and Terry Dactyl
Ships in Harbour by Dr. Longside
The Open Window by Eileen Doubt
The Visitor by Enoch Zatador
The Broken Window by Eva Brick
The End Of The Week by Gladys Friday
The Tudor Banquet by Henrietta Knox
Lady Godiva by Honour Whitesteed
Frankenstein Meets Dracula by Horace Tory
King Kong by Hugh Jape
Draughts by Isadora Jarr
Singing In The Rain by Ivor MacIntosh
The Pony Club Show by Jim Carner
The Commuter by Jocelyn Train
At The Eleventh Hour by Justin Time
Slimming by Lena Boddy
Down With Knickers! by Lucy Lastic
Painting Walls by Matt Coats
Spoil The Child by Molly Coddle
The Gardener by Moses Lawn
Journey Across The Desert by Mustapha Kamel
On Bended Knee by Neil Down
Dog's Dinner by Nora Bone
D-Day by Norman D. Landing
Primitive Transport by Orson Cart
The Debtor by Owen Munny
The Funeral by Paul Bearer
Two Yankees in Mexico by Peregrine Gose
A Visit To The Dentist by Phil McAvity
The Cavalryman by Rhoda Norse
The Bouncing Bullet by Rick O'Shay
Crime Does Pay by Robin Banks
Continental Breakfast by Roland Coffy
The Female Ghost by Sheila Peer
That Can't Be Right by Shirley Nott
Where's My Hat? by Sonia Head
Spring by Theresa Green
Fitted Carpets by Walter Wall
Tolstoi by Warren Peace