Cockney Alphabet
A for 'orses, A for Gardner
B for mutton,
C for thighlanders, C for miles
D for dumb, D for mation
E for brick, E for Peron
F for vescence, F for been had
G for police,
H for retirement,
I for Novello, I for lutin', I for the girls
J for oranges,
K for teria, K for restaurant
L for leather,
M for sis,
N for a penny, N for lope, N for a dig
O for the garden wall, O for the rainbow, O for the wings of a dove
P for whistle, P for a penny, P for ming fleas
Q for a bus, Q for a song
R for mo, R for Askey
S for you, S for Williams
T for two, T for gums
U for instance,
V for la France, V for la difference
W for a bob,
X for breakfast,
Y for husband, Y for mistress, Y for crying out loud
Z for breezes