Hitherto undiscovered and revolting dishes
Ambrosia creamed mice
Baked elastic
Baked grout
Bat'n'bird cake
Battered vole
Beaked vole cutlet
Beans on toes
Beef wellingtons
Bjork scratchings
Buttered puffins
Chicken chaffeur
Crispy poodles
Cumbersome sausage
Drugged hare
Duck à l'orang
Duck with orange sores
Eggs quarantine
Faked potatoes
Fetid cheese salad
Five bee salad
Ice cream hornet
Jugged hair
Larvae bread
Mashed suede
Mint choc chick
Mules marinière
Mushy bees
Petit poids
Phlegm bruleé
Rat à touille
Roast turnkey
Scotch breath
Shepherd's eye
Sock au vin
Soiled egg
Soused earring
Spaghetti carburetta
Stewed prudes
Toad in the mole
Tornado of beef
Vole au vent
Vole veronique
Yule dog