Multi-syllabic Sayings
Amedical diurnal pomianceAn apple a day keeps the doctor away
Amorous terricircumflexionLove makes the world go round
Anal craniopenetrationHaving one's head up one's ass
ChronocideKilling time
ChronopantraumatherapyTime heals all wounds
Dorsal mordancyBackbiting
Dorsalreciprocal abrasionYou scratch my back, I'll scratch yours
Equine chromatic disparityA horse of a different colour
Excapillary homolavationI'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair
Felinolingual seizureCat got your tongue
Felinophonic similitudeThe cat's meow
Fumoincendiary juxtapositionWhere there's smoke there's fire
Horticultural circumflagellationBeating about the bush
Hyperculinary putrefactionToo many cooks spoil the broth
HypoclimatosisUnder the weather
LiterolachrolepsyRead 'em and weep
Octoglobular postolepsyBehind the eight-ball
Optical simiomimicryMonkey see, monkey do
Pedal endojugulepsyPutting your foot in your mouth
ProctolagiaA pain in the ass
Scapular frigidityCold shoulder
Ultimoglobular succulenceGood to the last drop
Uniphysignomial millenavicular ejaculationThe face that launched a thousand ship