The Shortest Books Ever Written
AA Road Atlas Of Rockall
Advanced Subtraction.
A Female's Guide To Logical Thinking.
A Guide To Arab Democracies
A Guide To Australian Etiquette
A Hiker's Guide To The Ho Chi Minh Trail
A History Of U.S. Presidents That Made Progress
A Journey Through The Mind Of A Squid.
A Millenium Of German Humor
Anagrams Of The Word "A".
An Anthology Of Coral Reefs Of The Sahara Desert
A Tale Of No Cities.
A Thesaurus Without Any Synonyms, Or Antonyms.
Banjo Sonatas.
Bedouin Olympic Swimmers
Blind Dates That Worked Out
Burger King Items That Start With "Mc".
Christmas Shopping At The Local Toxic Waste Disposal Site.
Cooking Gourmet Dishes With Tofu
Countries Where Socialism Is Successful
Deep South Genetic Variation.
Dentures For Sharks
Different Ways To Spell "Bob".
Eskimo Swimsuit Models
Everything Men Know About Women
Exciting Things To Do In Worcester
Famous Australians Of The Fourteenth Century
Fast And Efficient Windows Applications
Feminists Worth Marrying
Folk Stories Of The Canadian-Portugese Border Patrol.
French Hospitality
Fulfilled Campaign Promises, 478 BC - 1993 AD
Fun Party Games Involving Porcupines.
Genghis Khan And The Mongols: A Feminist Perspective
Heroes Of The Australian Resistance During World War II
Hindu Beef Recipes
Household Uses For Plutonium.
How Paperclips Work.
How To Blow Your Nose
How To Cook Sushi
Ice Recipes.
I Was A Teenage Teenager
Jewish Business Ethics
Known Ways To Cure Cancer With A Toothbrush.
Marcel Marceau's Greatest Speeches
Mormon Divorce Lawyers
Mother Teresa's Guide To Erotic Pottery
Mountaineering The Netherlands
My Favorite Jewish Barbers, by Yassir Arafat
My Thoughts, by Ronald Reagan
Numerical Equivalencies Of 2.
Obesity In East Africa
Olympic Athletes Who Think Sports Are Really Stupid.
One Hundred And One Spotted Owl Recipes, by The RSPCA
One-Legged Folk Dances.
Operating Instructions For Sellotape.
Pi, Rounded For Everyday Use
Planets That Rhyme With The Word "Planet".
Portability Of The C Language
Practical Applications Of The Kamasutra For Non-Contortionists
Purebred Mutts.
Quantum Physics For Absolute Morons
Really Big Midgets.
Reasons Not To Have Sex
Red Barns That Are Yellow.
Respected Lawyers.
Romantic Words Beginning With "X".
Russian Humor Throughout The 1960's
Safe Driving In Italy
Scottish World Cup Successes
Sign Language For The Blind
Snap, Crackle, Pop: A Beginner's Guide To Knuckle Popping
Snap, Crackle, Pop: A Beginner's Guide To Rice Crispies.
Social Occasions Requiring Hip Waders.
Soothing Nervous Polar Bears With Tickling Tricks.
Staple Your Way To Success.
Straight Hairdressers
Sub Aqua Thunder Storms
Subatomic Particles In The Bathtub
Subatomic Particles That Taste Like Licorice.
Successful Applications Of Artificial Intelligence
Successful Experiments In Cohabitation With Piranhas.
Tasty Sediment.
The ABC's Of Gum Chewing.
The Deep, Philosophical Implications Of Turning Left.
The Fat, Lard, And Oil Diet.
The Outstanding Virtues Of Intel Processors
The Pleasant Street Smells Of New York City.
The Rainy Day Book Of Flicking Coins
Thesaurus Of Square Roots
The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, Age 3/4
The Total Vocabulary Of Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Understanding Moss.
Waterskiing In The Bermuda Triangle
Ways To Cross The "T".
Ways To Give Change For A Penny.
What To Do With Finger Paints.
What Men Know About Women
0 Uses Of A Dead Cat
20,000 Leagues Under Molten Lava.
30,000 Volts Of Electricity As A Means Of Hair Curling