Yesterday I decided to return to my youth and took out all my old boxes of lego.

I was appalled. I can't imagine that once, in my youth, I used to build systems within such a poor development environemnt. Do you realise that there are no standard libraries or support tools, and that you have to build everything yourself from the 'basic blocks'?

There's also no type system. Everything fits with everything else without any built-in checking, so you could put a space rocket next to a medieval castle and it wouldn't even warn you! (And have I mentioned that there are in fact multiple incompatible medieval castle systems?)

But what really killed it for me was the complete lack of any macro support. If you want ten copies of something complicated, you have to make the ten copies explicitly yourself!

Anyway, I'm making a protest and I'm not going to buy any more until Lego International get their act in gear. What I'd really like to see by the next release is an fully customisable Integrated Development Environment.