Discworld Computers
Now that Ankh-Morpork is discovering the woes of computing, how are the druids going to respond to the competition with their stone circles?

Druids!!!! Thinking of upgrading your circle???? Old one not fast enough???? Can only handle one sacrifice at a time????

Try our new range of Masonry;

Use Necrosoft Offence; the integrated package.
  1. Runs two or more chants simultaneously (sort of).
  2. Cut and paste a sacrifice from one ceremony to another.
  3. Necrotelicomnicon & Widows(TM) compatible.
  4. Soon to feature multi-media disemboweling written by Arch-Druid Seedy Ron.
  5. Requires PC [1] & mouse blood to run.
E&OE [2]

[1] Pillared circle
[2] Errors & Occult-influences Expected