Mathematics Limericks
A mathematician confided
That a Mobius strip is one-sided
You'll get quite a laugh
If you cut it in half
For it stays in one piece when divided.

A mathematician named Klein
Thought the Mobius strip was divine
Said he "If you glue
The edges of two
You get a wierd bottle like mine"

I used to think math was no fun,
'Cause I couldn't see how it was done.
Now Euler's my hero,
for I now see why 0
= e ip + 1.

The perfidious lemma of Dehn
Drove many a man insane
But Christos Pop-
olous solved it without any pain

The was a young student of Trinity
who computed the square of infinity
but it gave him the fidgets
to write down the digits
so he chucked it and took up divinity

A dozen, a gross and a score,
Plus three times the squareroot of four,
Divided by seven,
Plus five times eleven,
is nine squared plus zero, no more.

There once was a letter called tau
But no-one could figure out how
Some people were sure
It was pronounced 'tor',
But arguements still persist now.

A man had a certain evasion
For solving all difference equations.
He used random numbers
To cover his blunders,
And answers caused quite a sensation!

A man I once knew was a tutor
Who got himself into a stupor.
When d.e.'s were found
With errors unbound,
He out his fist through his computer!

A subject we did had a facility
For testing equations' stability.
When things did not work,
The class went beserk,
And erupted in violent hostility.