Time Compression on Star Trek TNG Reruns
In order to achieve greater time savings, and also impove the dramatic quality of the series, we really need script compression. For example, lines such as the following,
Geordi:"Captain, there's a problem in the warp phase induction coil, causing a buildup in tachyon particles, which might cause the anti-matter temporal displacement unit to fail. But, I believe with the help of Wesley's new invention, we can temporarily bypass the frequency sub-space modulator, and route the photon depressurizer to the impulse power sub-compression unit."
Picard:"Make it so."
can, without a loss of content, be reduced to,
Geordi:"There's a problem with the engines, but I think I can fix it."
Picard:"Make it so."
Riker:"Deanna, you know I still have feelings for you, despite the fact that I'm not a good enough actor to actually portray them, but I'm still your commanding officer, and we're just going to have to live with our repressed desire for each other"
Deanna:"Will, It's good to discuss our emotions with each other. I'm so glad you've shared this deep and valuable insight with me. It reminds me of that night on Rigel 7...." etc...
change to this:
Riker:"Let's do it."
Picard:"Dr. Crusher, perhaps you'd like to drop by my quarters and have a cup of tea and some crumpets and discuss the moral ramifications bio-fungus testing. Then perhaps we can take a stroll through the Holo-deck and dress up like 18th century english noblemen or something?"
Beverly:"Yes Captain."
change to this:
Picard:"8:00, my quarters, dress sexy!"
Beverly:"Yes, Captain!"
Wesley:"Look mom! I've just developed this new space-time de-fragmentor. It uses non-linear spatio-dynamic equations I just learned about 5 minutes ago to re-partition the fabric of space-time. See?"
--Wesley throws the switch--
Data:"It appears that we have just been thrown into an alternate universe, wherein we will undoubtedly meet some hostile, ignorant, aggressive creatures with whom we will certainly be able to reason calmly and rationally."
change to this:
Wesley:"Look mom! See what I've invented?"
--Wesley throws the switch--
Data:"It appears that Wesley has been carbonized."

Of course, Worf's lines can remain unchanged...