Amateur Radio Advert Definitions
NEW Different colour from the previous design.
ALL NEW Parts not interchangeable with previous design.
EXCLUSIVE Imported product.
UNMATCHED Almost as good as the competition.
DESIGN SIMPLICITY Manufacturers costs cut to the bone.
FOOLPROOF ADJUSTMENT No provision for adjustment.
ADVANCED DESIGN Ad writer doesn't understand it.
IT'S HERE AT LAST Rush job, nobody knew it was coming.
FIELD TESTED Manufacturer lacked test equipment.
HIGH ACCURACY Unit on which all parts fit.
DIRECT SALES ONLY Manufacturer had argument with distributer.
RUGGED Too heavy to lift.
LIGHTWEIGHT Lighter than Rugged.
YEARS OF DEVELOPEMENT Finally got one that worked.
BREAKTHROUGH We finally figured out a way to sell it.
FUTURISTIC Can't figure out another reason why it looks the way it does.
ENERGY SAVING Achieved when the power switch is off. (or when switch is on, no other shack heating is necessary).
DISTINCTIVE A different colour or shape from the competition.
PERFORMANCE PROVEN Will operate through the warranty period.