Physics Terms
Calculus of residuesHow to clean up a bathtub ring
CatoptricFeline eye
ComaItalian: multi-toothed device for re-arranging ones hair
CommutatorStudent who drives to college
Conic sectionFunny paper
CoronaOfficer who enquires into the manner of a violent death
CosineOpposite of stop sign
Cuspto use profane language
Exit pupilA retiring student
FluxPast participle of the verb 'to flex'
GramTo review for exams
Grand canonical ensembleEcumenical council
GraphPriciple item in cow's diet
Ground stateCoffee - before brewing
Harmonic functionConcert
Hermitian operatorRecluse surgeon
HumbugNoisy phone tap
HypotenuseAnimal like rhinoseros but with no horn and no nose
LenSingular of lens, specifically a one surfaced optical instrument
Marinal rayA ray of doubtful origin
MillimetreA bug like a centimetre, but with more legs
Normal solutionWrong answer
OrificeHeadquarters or place of business
ParadoxPair of PhDs
SpectraA female ghost
SphereA long pointed weapon
Spin operatorOwner of ferris whell
Statistical correlation36-22-35
Ultraviolet catastropheBad sunburn
VortexPoint of a mathematical figure opposite the base
WattPlease repeat