Translations from the Scots
Nottars Comparatively speaking..!
Yirsell relates to.. the great 'I am'!
Hissell relates to.. the great 'I am'!
Snow Negative indicator.
WadyeseethotObserve how the other half dress!
Groff THIS conversation is at an end.
Geesaridnek 'I was so embarrassed!'
S'fertee is it 'sausages' again?
Gret I am, so pleased.
Amnawsher there would appear to be doubt!
Fitsrangwiu You seem a trifle pale?
Yegonthen YMCA....?
Lumschokt An electric fire would be nice..
M'aarss I'm fed up sitting.
Bosburst Another time then...?
Znofare An injustice has been committed!
Yonkeely Don't introduce ME....
Wirraff Goodbye.