How Many Employees Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?
One to file the user input report on the bad bulb.
One to revise the user interface specifications.
One to build the prototype.
One to approve the project.
One project manager.
Two product marketing managers.
One to write the light bulb product revision plan.
Seven to alpha-test the light bulb.
One to revise the light bulb operating system.
One to obtain FCC certification.
One to write the manual.
One to write the self-running light bulb demo.
One to copy-protect the light bulb.
One to place the order for each light bulb. 
One to distribute the light bulb.
One to organize the product introduction party.
One to make the press announcement.
One to announce the light bulb to the sales force.
One to train service.
And . . .
One service technician to swap out the light bulb.