Planck's Constant
Effective:September 15, 1993
Product:Planck's constant 'h'
Version:1.1 (Replaces 1.0)
Systems:The universe as we know it
Change:Upgrade to '2'.
Image:Every atom and photon in the observable universe
Installer:God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Contact:Richard P. Feynman
Notes:The referenced change to this physical constant will end all life as we know it on this planet and in the observable universe. From the equation E=hf which denotes the energy of a photon as the function of its frequency, we see that photons will suddenly carry much much more energy. The emissions from your TV remote will become as dangerous as gamma rays; you would shoot holes in the wall with it, except that the Uncertainty Principle says you won't be able to pick up the remote because you won't be able to determine its position (nor the position of your hand) to enough precision to tell you if it's even in the same room with you. Users inconvenienced by this change should call the Help Desk in the Computing Center.