President Boris Yeltsin Endless insobriety trip
The Conservative Party Teacher in vast poverty
The Labour Party Upbeat Harlotry
Scottish National Party Oh nasty tartan politics
Michael Portillo A cool limp Hitler
Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine He is the incredibly mad alien
Virginia Bottomley I'm an evil Tory bigot
Tony Blair, MP Tony Blair PM
Tony Blair Tory in Lab.
Margaret Hilda Thatcher High-tech Armada rattler
Camilla Parker Bowles I'm Palace balls-worker
Bruce Forsyth's Generation Game Embarrassing ego of the Century.
President William Clinton Nice, limp, wild total sinner
Ronald Wilson Reagan A long-insane Warlord
Acorn Computers Crap to consumer.
Apple Macintosh Laptop machines.
The best things in life are free. Nail-biting refreshes the feet.