Flee to me, remote elf, Sal a dewan desired;
Now is a Late-Petal Era.
We fade: lucid Iris, red Rose of Sharon;
Goldenrod a silly ram ate.
Wan olives teem (ah, Satan lives!);
A star eyes pale Roses.
Revel, big elf on a mayonnaise man,
A tinsel baton-dragging nice elf too.
Lisp, Oh Sibyl, dragging Nola along;
Niggardly bishops i loot.
Fleecing niggard notables Nita names,
I annoy a Man of Legible Verse.
So relapse, ye rats,
As evil Natasha meets Evil
On a wet, amaryllis-adorned log.
Norah's foes' orders (I ridiculed a few) are late, pet.
Alas, I wonder! Is Edna wed?
Alas, flee to me, remote elf.