The Wild (Physics) West

A reward of 5,000 MICROFARADS is offered for information leading to the arrest of hop-a-long CAPACITY. This UNRECTIFIED criminal escaped from a WESTON PRIMARY CELL where he had been clapped in IONS. He is CHARGED with the INDUCTION of an 18 TURN COIL named MILLIE HENRY, who was found CHOKED and is a POTENTIAL killer. He is also accused of driving a D.C. MOTOR over the WHEATSTONE BRIDGE and refusing to let the BAND PASS. The ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE spent the night searching for him in a MAGNETIC FIELD where he had gone to EARTH. They had no success and now believe that he has returned OHM via a SHORT CIRCUIT. He was last seen with a friend EDDY CURRENT, riding a KILOCYCLE. EDDY was playing a HARMONIC.

CHARGES against him are filed under OHMS LAW.