Simplicity In All Things
In response to Le Win and du Bois (Logarithmic and Arrhythmic Expression of a Physiological Function w, JIR 37:4), one should notice that from Eq. 63 and using elementary trigonometry we could write a = b + c - 2bc cos t where a is the number of Spanish onions per minute, b is the number of albino hamsters, c is the area covered by the goats (by the Shadrach, Moshach and Abednego criteria), and t is the temperature (in degrees Kelvin) of the snack-bar after it has reached 5% shrinkage. It then turns out that n (in Corollary 17) should equal 4, making an L-shaped cake cut.

Bearing in mind that a small dose of aspirin causes the effects reported by Zwickoloff and de la F˘ret (a yet unpublished result from Spitz and Schlitz), w should not be confined as stated in Lemma 9, thus allowing for values under 0.64. The aforementioned caveat also underestimates the r˘le played by conductive lint in the phased mode of the distribution. This universal material, found in varieties identified by use of the "Grey" spectrum (ordinary, or "plain" grey being the most common - at a wavelength of 84.898 x 10 ┼ngstroms), has a negative effect on the collection of nucleic data, especially in its grey-blue variety.

Overall, the assumed value-set for w has a complex affinity to the large amounts of dried E.coli, vegetative yeast cells and/or diatoms that abound in the experimental domain, a factor that gives the mix-fraction of OH radicals and H2O in the interstellar dust emulations experienced a much higher order, approaching a limit of 3.7 mm ▒ 0.21. This last observation, combined with the lint quanta results alluded to (with the interpretation of Wien's Law giving a blackbody quantum of 2.329 x 10-╣│erg - using the S-wave function opposed so vehemently by Heisenberg) leads us to conclude that w is actually a lower-case derivative of W.

This result does not pre-empt further analysis in the alternate direction. Associative group theoretic methods demands that, for absolute confirmation, the fact that W is an upper-case integral of w must also be displayed