Laboratory Novelties

X-RAY SPECS Forget the cheap, plastic x-ray specs from yesteryear. These battery powered spectacles contain a real x-ray! Hold your hand in front of your face to see your bones wiggling around. Count your friends' vertebrae and locate joint articulations. Great at lab parties! $11.99 each

LEONARD THE TALKING LAB MOUSE Turn Leonard on and he occasionally twitches in his cage. Pick him up by his tail and he says, "Hey, put me down!'' Covered with real mouse fur, Leonard is the most realistic looking ersatz mouse on the market. $14.99 each

REMOTE-CONTROLLED GEIGER COUNTER Looks and acts like a real Geiger counter but you can make the needle "jump'' at the press of a button. Hide the remote control in your pocket and make the needle move when people check themselves for radiation. They'll go into hysterics thinking they have received a lethal dose! Yuks galore! $259.99 each.

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PIPETTE TIPS You will be the talk of the lab with these handy glow-in-the-dark pipette tips. They fit standard 20, 200, and 1000 microliter pipetmen. $19.49 for bulk bag of 1000

SNAKE-IN-A-REAGENT-JAR Three spring snakes fit into our realistic chemical reagent jar. People expecting to weigh out chemicals will be "attacked'' by the snakes! A laugh riot! $4.99 for reagent jar and three snakes

CENTRIFUGE NOISES This mini tape recorder fits behind any standard ultracentrifuge. As the centrifuge accelerates, the mini recorder makes incredibly loud scraping sounds to simulate the rotor becoming unbalanced. Watch them run for cover as they think the rotor is about to go through the wall! $13.99 each

THE SPILLED EXPERIMENT GAG Based on the old "spilled beer gag'', an Erlenmeyer flask is tipped on its side with the "contents'' spilling out. The "liquid'' is really a transparent, solid plastic but only you will know that. Perfect for dealing with neatness nuts in the lab. $4.99 each

DRIBBLE BEAKER Looks like a real beaker but when the researcher pours out any fluid, it dribbles down the side! More fun than a barrel of monkeys! $5.99 each