Kiwi Language Lesson
Following these easy steps, you can finally hold a successful conversation with a New Zealander:
a medgenVisualise, conjure up mentally, John Lennon's first solo album, 'Imagine' was a bug hut in NZ.
BettingBetting gloves are worn by betsmen in crucket
BristPart of human anatomy between nick and billy
BuggerAs in mine's bugger than yours
Chully BunChilly Bin, as in Esky
Come YouseControversial captain of Oz cricket team who resigned tearfully in favour of Allan Border. Come had insisted that all deliveries be overarm. Full name - Kimberly John Hughes
Dimmer KretzThose who believe in democracy
Error BuckLanguage spoken in countries like Surria, E. Jupp and Libbernon.
Ekka DymocksUniversity staff
GuessFlammable vapour used in stoves.
BuznissCommon type of degree
Chick Out ChucksSupermarket point of sale operators
JendlesSandals, thongs, open shoes
ColourTerminator, violent forecloser of human life
Duck HidTerm of abuse directed mainly at men. LOMBARD is an acronym popular in Sydney's eastern suburbs. It stands for Lots Of Money But A Real Duck-Hid.
Phar LapNZ's famous horse was christened Phillip but was incorrectly written down as Phar Lap by an Australian racing official who was not well versed in Kiwese.
Try constructing the ultimate kiwiese sentence with these gems.......

Come Youse had a billy full of betting so he a medgened humself a bugger future in Jendles. He got humself an Ekka Dymock Buzniss degree and cussed crucket goodbye. No more duck hids bowling underarm for Come. Come has a colour instinct for the jendle buzniss and he kips abrist of all the trinds. Every chick out chuck in the buzniss us wearing Come's Error Bick style Jendles. Buy one pear, you gut a free chully bun. Hus buzniss is cukking wuth guess so he's thunking of joining the Dimmer Kretz.