There was {a physicist / an engineer / a computer scientist / a statistician} and a mathematician...
A mathematician, a physicist and an engineer are given an identical problem: Prove that all odd numbers greater than 2 are prime numbers. They proceed: When considering the behaviour of a howitzer: An assemblage of the most gifted minds in the world were all posed the following question: "What is 2 + 2 ?" What is "pi"? A statistician , a mathematician, an engineer, and a physicist are out hunting together. They spy a deer in the woods. The physicist calculates the velocity of the deer and the effect of gravity on the bullet, aims his rifle and fires. Alas, he misses; the bullet passes three feet behind the deer. The deer bolts some yards, but comes to a halt, still within sight of the trio. "Shame you missed," comments the engineer, "but of course with an ordinary gun, one would expect that." He then levels his special deer-hunting gun, which he rigged together from an ordinary rifle, a sextant, a compass, a barometer, and a bunch of flashing lights which don't do anything but impress onlookers, and fires. Alas, his bullet passes three feet in front of the deer, who by this time wises up and vanishes for good. "Well," says the physicist, "your contraption didn't get it either." "What do you mean?" pipes up the statistician. "Between the two of you, that was a perfect shot!"

How they knew it was a deer:

A mathematician, a physicist, and an engineer were travelling through Scotland when they saw a black sheep through the window of the train.