Last year a friend of mine installed BoyFriend 6.0. While this program did not come with an uninstaller it seemed to have a time-out feature and would eventually totally disappear. If she wished to continue running BoyFriend 6.0 she had to reinstall it. She upgraded to Husband 1.0 which retains all of the features of BoyFriend 6.0 and doesn't seem to uninstall itself as frequently. No other advantages to upgrading are apparent.

She has been experimenting with the various add-on modules available for Husband 1.0 . Most recently she has installed MowLawn 1.2 and YardWork2.0 which she downloaded from the Internet at a freeware site. As frequently happens with freeware the add-ons would start running but then required at least six additional plug-in modules loaded of Miller 1.1 through Miller 1.6. Substitutions of the Miller 1.x series of plug-ins can be made interchangeably with Coors 1.x, Budweiser 2.x, or Sam Adams 1.x. No significant difference in run time has been noted. Extending the series of Miller 1.x much beyond 1.6, while possible, seemed to affect the accuracy of MowLawn 1.2 and YardWork2.0 and becomes counterproductive. Eventually they cause Husband 1.0 to crash requiring a system shut down. Once crashed even re-booting usually will not restart Husband 1.0 until the next day.

The Husband 1.0 will not run at all on Sundays with out the liberal seasonable use of Football 3.0, Basketball 2.0, Baseball 1.5, or Hockey 2.5. Once one of these are running Husband 1.0 keeps requesting additional installations of Coors 1.x, Budweiser 2.x, or Sam Adams 1.x plus assorted plug-ins of FOOD 3.x. This seems to occupy the Husband 1.0 exclusively and no additional features can be accessed or run.

She occasionally runs Husband 1.0 with the Theater 4.0 module and, while it does run, Husband 1.0 will complain of run-time, lack of resources, and will run sluggishly. If it seems to stop (energy save mode) it can be restarted with a "warm boot". The "warm boot" can cause momentary confusion and cause Husband 1.0 to then request the score. Comment: None of these problems are apparent if she uses action plug-ins such as UnderSiege 2.0 or DieHard 3.0. She gets similar performance from running BoyFriend 6.0 with Shopping 3.5 unless she uses the plug-ins for Sears 2.4 and HomeDepot 1.7.

Many times she reevaluates the need for Husband 1.0 or even BoyFriend 6.0. She considers the running difficulties, occasional unreliability, complaints of low system resources; and constant demands for care/attention. She wonders why she doesn't just let it stay uninstalled and maybe she would if it wasn't for the way BoyFriend 6.0 or Husband 1.0 ran with Love 1.0.