How to tell a Businessman from a Businesswoman
A businessman is aggressivea businesswoman is pushy.
A businessman is good on detailsshe is picky.
He loses his temper because he's so involved in his jobshe is bitchy.
When he is depressed (or hung-over), everyone tiptoes past his officeshe is moody, so it must be her time of the month.
He follows throughshe doesn't know when to quit.
He's confidentshe's conceited.
He stands firmshe's impossible to deal with.
He is firmshe is hard.
His judgements are her prejudices.
He drinks because of the excessive job pressureshe's a lush.
He isn't afraid to say what he thinksshe's mouthy.
He's close-mouthedshe's secretive.
He climbed the ladder to successshe slept her way to the top.
He is a stern taskmastershe's hard to work for.
He is wittyshe is sarcastic.
The family picture is on His deskAh, a solid, responsible family man
The family picture is on Her deskUm, her family will come before her work
His desk is cluttered - He's obviously a hard worker and a busy man Her desk is cluttered - She's obviously a disorganised scatterbrain
He is talking with his co-workers - He must be discussing the latest deal She is talking with her co-workers - She must be gossiping
He's not at his desk - he must be at a meeting She's not at her desk - she must be in the ladies room
He's not in the office - he's meeting customerShe's not in the office - she must be out shopping
He's having lunch with the boss - he's on his way up She's having lunch with the boss - They must be having an affair
The boss criticised Him - He'll improve his performance The boss criticised Her - She'll be very upset
He got an unfair deal - did he get angry? She got an unfair deal - did she cry?
He's getting married - he'll get more settled She's getting married - she'll get pregnant and leave
He's having a baby - he'll need a raise She's having a baby - she'll cost the company money in maternity benefits
He's going on a business trip - It's good for his career She's going on a business trip - what does her husband say?
He's leaving for a better job - he knows how to recognise a good opportunity She's leaving for a better job - women are not dependable