Office Dieting

A recent report by the American Medical Association pointed out that proper weight control and physical fitness cannot be attained by dieting alone. People who spend most of their day behind a desk face a particular problem in losing weight. Too many of these people fail to realize that calories can be burned off by the hundreds by engaging in strenuous exercises that are common for office workers: Office Activity
Calories burned
Adding fuel to the fire85
Balancing the books335
Beating around the bush75
Beating your head against a wall450
Beating your own drum100
Bending over backwards75
Bending the rules375
Chewing nails85
Climbing the ladder of success750
Climbing the walls250
Dodging responsibility80
Dragging your heels100
Eating crow190
Fishing for compliments35
Flying off the handle225
Going around in circles320
Grasping at straws75
Hitting the nail on the head50
Jogging your memory125
Jumping on the bandwagon200
Jumping to conclusions100
Making mountains out of molehills500
Passing the buck25
Patting yourself on the back25
Pouring salt on a wound30
Pulling out the stops100
Pulling strings180
Pushing your luck360
Racing against time300
Running down the boss130
Spinning your wheels145
Sticking your neck out980
Stretching the truth450
Swallowing your pride150
Throwing your weight around (depends on weight)50-300
Tooting your own horn50
Turning the other cheek50
Wading through paperwork300
Wrapping it up at day's end12