ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER He wants back dearest gone from here
ALFRED TENNYSON, POET LAUREATE Neat sonnet or deep tearful lay
BALLESTEROS Balls or tees
THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE Nail-biting refreshes the feet
CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES Flaws license reproach
A FAREWELL TO ARMS Tale of war's realm
FOOL'S PARADISE So ideal for sap
GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS A lord-hymner speaking
HERMAPHRODITE Adept him or her
INTEGRAL CALCULUS Calculating rules
IVANHOE BY SIR WALTER SCOTT A novel by a Scottish writer
MANDELA Lead, man
MANY A TRUE WORD IS SPOKEN IN JEST Men joke and so win trusty praise
MISREPRESENTATION Interpret one amiss
MOONLIGHT SERENADE An old-time song here
OLD ENGLAND Golden land
POLICEMAN Menial cop
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Ford, the real star, is OK
REVOLUTION Love to ruin
RHAPSODY IN BLUE Rush led by piano
SILVER AND GOLD Grand old evils
STAGHOUNDS A hunt's dogs
SUSPENDED ANIMATION Supine man is not dead
THE US LIBRARY OF CONGRESS It's only for research bugs
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE We all make his praise I am a weakish speller

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