Redundant Redundancies

"His reputation preceded him before he got here."
"Not only is he ambidextrous, but he can throw with either hand."

ABS braking system
A.M. in the morning
absolutely essential
absolutely necessary
academic scholar
ACT test
advance forward
advance scout
advance warning
affirmative yes
affluent rich
and etc.
anonymous stranger
attach together
autobiography of my life
automatic ATM machine
awful bad
baby calf
basic fundamentals
beautiful vista to look out upon
boat marina
cash money
cease and desist
chile pepper
circulated around
classic tradition
climb up
close proximity
close scrutiny
cold frost
combined together
complete monopoly
completely filled
completely unanimous
continuing on
dark night
deja vu all over again
descend down
each and every
elderly senior citizens
empty hole
empty space
end result
essential necessity
exact replica
exactly the same
extreme hazard
favorable approval
fellow colleagues
female daughter
first priority
for your FYI
foreign imports
former graduate
former veteran
free gift
freezing cold
full satisfaction
grand total
grateful thanks
growing greater
half a dozen of one and six of another
handwritten manuscript
hanging down
HIV Virus
hot water heater
I remembered back
I thought to myself
ice cold
immortalized forever
individual person
join together
KFC chicken
killed dead
kitty cat
knowledgeable experts
last will and testament
little baby
live birth
live witness
male son
manually by hand
marital spouse
mental thought
merge together
more easier
more than unique--it's practically one of a kind
near vicinity
negative misfortune
new discovery
new innovations
null and void
oral conversation
original founder
P.I.N. Number
pair of twins
passing fad
past experience
past history
past tradition
pie la mode with ice cream
pizza pie
positive yes
postponed until later
previously recorded
proposed plan
protective helmet
puppy dog
repeat again
return back
revert back
safe sanctuary
SAT test
sharp point
shrimp scampi
sink down
small speck
soda pop
surrounded on all sides
temporary reprieve
toys and playthings
tuna fish
two twins
unexpected surprise
unmarried bachelor
unmarried old maid
Unsolved Mysteries
useless and unnecessary
usual custom
way back in history
whether or not
youthful teenagers

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