Acronyms & Abbreviations
$0.02Throwing in your two cents' worth
1FTROne for the road
AAAlcoholics Anonymous
AAATravel club
AAAAATravel club for alcoholics
AAMOFAs A Matter Of Fact
ACRONYMAbbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning
ADAAny Day Now
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
AFKAway From Keyboard
AKAAlso Known As
ANFAWFOSA Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ASAFPAs Soon As F---ing Possible
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ATLAAnother Three Letter Acronym
AWCIGOAnd Where Can I Get One
AWGTHTGTATAAre We Going To Have To Go Through ALL This Again?
AWGTHTGTTAAre We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?
AWHFYAre We Having Fun Yet?
B/CBeCause (frequently just "b/c")
B4NBye for Now
BACBy Any Chance
BADBroken As Designed
BAMFBad Assed Mother F---er
BBFNBye Bye For Now
BBLBe Back Later
BBRBurnt Beyond Repair
BBSBulletin Board System
BCBasket Case
BCNUBe seein' you! (saying goodbye)
BFDBig F---ing Deal
BFGBig Friendly Giant
BFIBrute Force and Ignorance
BFNBye For Now
BIONBelieve It Or Not
BIOYIOPBlow It Out Your I/O Port
BMFBad Mother F---er
BMOCBig Man On Campus
BMTIPGBrilliant Minds Think In Parallel Gutters
BNFBig Name Fan
BOCBut Of Course
BOHICABend Over, Here It Comes Again!
BOSBig Orange Switch
BOTBack On Topic
BOTECBack Of The Envelope Calculation
BRBBe Right Back
BRSBig Red Switch
BSBull S---
BSEGBig S--- Eating Grin
BSGBroad Sweeping Generalization
BTABut Then Again (in response to IOW)
BTAICBWBut Then Again I could Be Wrong
BTAIMBe That As It May
BTDTBeen There, Done That
BTDTGTTSBeen There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
BTOBDBe There Or Be Dead
BTSOOMBeats The S--- Out Of Me
BTWBy The Way
BUAFButt Ugly ASCII Font
BUAGButt Ugly ASCII Graphic
BWQBuzz Word Quotient
BYKTBut You Knew That
BYKTABut You Knew That Already
C/Oin Care Of (for sending mail)
CADETCan't Add, Doesn't Even Try
CBCall Back
CECreative Editing
CFCharlie Foxtrot; Cluster F--- (meaning similar to SNAFU)
CI$Compu$erve Information Service
CISCompuserve Information System (tm)
CIAOas in goodbye (said 'Chow')
CIOCut It Out
CMIIWCorrect Me If I'm Wrong
CODCash On Delivery (when receiving mail)
COTFLGOHAHACrawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out And Having A Heart Attack
CPFCan Pigs Fly?
CRPGCharacter (or computer) Role Playing Game
CSCop Shop (police station)
CTTDCute Things They Do
CTTSCute Things They Say
CUSee you
CULSee you later
CUL8RSee you later
CUL8TRSee you later
CWYLChat With You Later
CYACover Your Ass
CYLSee You Later
D/LDownload, transmit to you
DAPParents Against Dyslexia
DBADoing Business As
DBNDoing Business, NOT
DIIKDamned If I Know
DIINDamned If I kNow
DILLIGAFDoes It Look Like I Give A F---?
DILLIGAFFDo I Look Like I Give a Flying F---?
DITUIHIBMSL?Did I tell you I hate IBMs lately?
DITUILIBMSL?Did I tell you I love IBMs lately?
DKDon't Know
DKUDrop Kick Ugly
DLDownload, transmit to you
DLGDevilish Little Grin
DNPMDarn Near P---ed Myself
DOADead On Arrival
DOMDirty Old Man
DTPDeskTop Publishing
DTRTDo The Right Thing
DUCWICDo You See What I See
DWIMCDo What I Mean, Correctly
DWIMNWISDo What I Mean, Not What I Say
DYHWIHDo You Hear What I Hear
DYSWISDo You See What I See
E2EGEar to Ear Grin
EDEmotionally Disturbed
EDPEmotionally Disturbed Person
EODEnd Of Discussion
EOLEnd Of Lecture
EOTEnd Of Thread (i.e., don't reply to this message)
ES&DEat S--- & Die
ESADEat S--- And Die
ESALEat S--- And Live
ESPESPecially (frequently just "esp.")
ESOSLEndless Snorts of Stupid Laughter
ETLAExtended Three Letter Acronym
F2FFace To Face
FAQFrequently Asked Question
FCFSFirst Come, First Served
FCOLFor Crying Out Loud
FDROTFLFalling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
FFRDFlying F--- in a Rolling Donut (I don't give a....)
FIGJAMF--- I'm Good, Just Ask Me
FIGMOF--- It, Got My Orders
FIIKF---ed If I Know!
FIINF---ed If I kNow!
FISHFirst In, Still Here
FITBFill In The Blank
FMHF--- Me Harder (usually an exclamation of disgust)
FOADF--- Off And Die
FOAFFriend Of A Friend
FOAFOAGFather Of A Friend Of A Girlfriend
FOAGFather Of A Girlfriend
FOSFreedom Of Speech; Full Of S---
FOTFull Of Tripe
FOTCLFalling Off The Chair Laughing
FREDF---ing Ridiculous Electronic Device
FRZFruitin' Religious Zealot
FTASBFaster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTFFace To Face
FTLFaster Than Light
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FTSFixin' To Start
FUBABF---ed Up Beyond All Belief
FUBARF---ed Up Beyond All Repair
FUDFear, Uncertainty and Doubt
FUMTUF---ed Up More Than Usual
FURTBFull Up Ready To Burst (about hard disk drives!)
FWIWFor What It's Worth
FY&TSYRIOF--- You & The Sysop You Rode In On
FYAFor Your Amusement
FYDITMF--- You Directly In The Mouth
FYIFor Your Information
GGrin (as in )
GAGo Ahead
GAFIAGet Away From It All (as in drop out of ILink for a bit)
GALGet A Life
GD&RGrinning, Ducking & Running
GD&RFGrinning, Ducking & Running Fast!
GD&RVVFGrinning, Ducking & Running Very Very Fast!
GD&WGrinning, Ducking & Weaving
GFRGrim File Reaper (pervasive data destroyer)
GFUGeneral F--- Up.
GGCGoo Goo Cluster (cause zits & intestinal blockage)
GGNGotta Go Now
GHGetting Hard (male)
GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out
GIWISTGee, I Wish I'd Said That
GLGGoofy Little Grin
GLGHGood Luck and Good Hunting
GMTAGreat Minds Think Alike
GOKGod Only Knows
GOOMLGet Out Of My Life
GOTFIAGroaning On The Floor In Agony
GOWIGet On With It
GPFGeneral Protection Fault; Go Puke, Fast!
GRUITGet Real yoU Impudent Thing
GTFOOMFGet The F--- Out Of My Face
GWGetting Wet (female)
H2How To
HANDHave A Nice Day
HCBHoly Cow, Batman!
HHGTTGHitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy
HHO 1/2 KHa Ha Only Half Kidding
HHOJHa Ha Only Joking
HHOKHa Ha Only Kidding
HHOSHa Ha Only Serious
HOMPRHang On, Mobile Phones' Ringing
HSIKHow Should I Know
HTFSIKHow The F--- Should I Know
HTHHope This Helps!
HUAHead Up Ass
HWUAHead Way Up Ass
HWS(PEST)Husband Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing)
IAAAI Am An Accountant
IAALI Am A Lawyer
IACIn Any Case
IAEIn Any Event
IANAAI Am Not An Accountant
IANACI Am Not A Crook
IANALI Am Not A Lawyer
IANALBIPOOTVI Am Not A Lawyer, But I Play One On TV
IARTPFWTSIOWIMI Am Repeating This Parrot-Fashion Without The Slightest Idea Of What It Means.
IBCInadequate, But Cute
IBMInadequate, but Marketable
ICBI Care Because?
ICBMInterContinental Ballistic Missile
ICTYBTIHTKYI Could Tell You But Then I'd Have To Kill You
ICURI See You Are
IDGADI Don't Give A Damn
IDGASI Don't Give A S---
IDGII Don't Get It
IDTTI'll Drink To That!
IHATCFYBI Have A Terrible Craving For Your Body!
IHTFPI Hate This F---ing Place
IIABDFIIf It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
IIRCIf I Recall Correctly
IITYWIMIWHTKY If I Tell You What It Means, I Will Have To Kill You
IITYWIMWYBMAD If I Tell You What It Means, Will You Buy Me A Drink?
IITYWTMWYKMIf I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?
IITYWYBADIf I Tell You, Will You Buy Another Drink
IITYWYBMABIf I Tell You, Will You Buy Me A Beer
IJLSI Just Like Saying
IKI Know
ILII Like Ike
ILIWTPCTI Love It When The Plan Comes Together.
ILSHIBAMFI Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture!
ILUI Love You
ILYI Love You
IMAOIn My Arrogant Opinion
IMBOIn My Biased Opinion
IMCDOIn My Conceited Dogmatic Opinion
IMCOIn My Considered Opinion
IMEIn My Experience
IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion
IMOIn My Opinion
IMOBOIn My Own Biased Opinion
IMPOVIn My Point Of View
IMVHOIn My Very Humble Opinion
INGSII'm Not Gonna Say It
INPOIn No Particular Order
IOUI Owe You
IRLIn Real Life
IROOCI've Run Out Of Cigarettes
ISTRI Seem To Remember
ITFAIn The Final Analysis
ITYMI Think You Mean
IOWIn Other Words
IWBNIIt Would Be Nice If
IWIKI Wish I Knew
IYFEGInsert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
JAMJust A Moment; Just A Minute
JANFUJoint Army-Navy F--- Up.
JASJust A Second
JAWSJust Another Windows Shell
JICJust In Case
JSNMJust Stark Naked Magic
JTYWTKJust Thought You Wanted To Know
KCBIWIYWIKeep Coming Back, It Works If You Work It
KISSKeep It Simple Stupid
KITAKick In The Ass (type of therapy)
KMAKiss My Ass
KMYFKiss Me You Fool
KOTCKiss On The Cheek
KTCOOTNKeep This Crap Out Of This Newsgroup
KWIMKnow What I Mean?
LAB&TYDLife's A Bitch & Then You Die
LAGNAFLet's All Get Naked And F---
LJBFLet's Just Be Friends
LLTALots and Lots of Thunderous (Thundering) Applause
LMAOLaughing My Ass Off
LMFAOLaughing My F---ing Ass Off
LMTFALeave Me The F--- Alone
LMWISLick Me Where I Sweat
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LSFIABLike Shooting Fish In A Barrel
LTBFLearn To Be Funny
LTIPLaughing Til I Puke
LTMSHLaughing 'Til My sides Hurt
LTNSLong Time, No See
MAYMad About You
MAYBMad About You, Baby
MCIBTY(SN)My Computer Is Better Than Yours (So Nyerrr)
MDMore Dirt (Physician)
MFGMore Friendly Garbage!
MGDMy Gameboy Died
MHDC(A)My Hard Drive crashed (again)
MLAMultiple Letter Acronym
MMIFMy Mouth Is Full
MOFMatter Of Fact
MORFMale Or Female
MOSMember of the Opposite Sex
MOTASMember of the Appropriate Sex
MOTHHumorous Collectibles Forum variation on Member of the Month
MOTMMember Of The Month
MOTOSMember Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSSMember Of The Same Sex
MSMore S---; More of the Same; (Masters Degree)
MSCEAMy Southern Comforts' Empty Again
MSSMember of the Same Sex
MUDMulti User Domain (or Dungeon)
MUNGMash Until No Good
MYOBMind Your Own Business
NAVYNever Again Volunteer Yourself
NBDNo Big Deal
NBLNot Bloody Likely
NBTDNothing Better To Do
NERDNational Establishment for Real Dorks
NFGNo F---ing Good
NFINo F---ing Idea
NFWNo F---ing Way
NFYNo F--- You
NHOHNever Heard Of Him/Her
NICBDATNothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes
NIHNot Invented Here
NIMBYNot In My Back Yard
NINONothing In, Nothing Out
NIMTONot In My Term of Office
NITNot In Therapy
NOYBNone Of Your Business
NPLUNot People Like Us
NQANo Questions Asked
NQOSNot Quite Our Sort
NRNNo Reply Necessary
NSSNo S---, Shylock (or Sherlock)
NTGNot Too Good
NTHNo Therapy Helpful
NTIBOANot That I'm Bitter Or Anything
NTIMNot That It Matters
NTIMMNot That It Matters Much
NTLNevertheless / Nonetheless
NUINetwork User Identification
NYPNot Your Problem
OOver (to you)
OATUSOn A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUSOn An Unrelated Subject
OBObligatory (frequently Ob)
OBTWOh, By the Way
ODOverDose; Oh Dear
OICOh, I See
ONNAOh No, Not Again
ONNTAOh No, Not This Again
OOOver and Out
OOSOOMOut Of Sight, Out Of Mind
OOTCObligatory On Topic Comment
OTCOver The Counter
OTFOn The Floor
OTLOut To Lunch
OTOHOn The Other Hand
OTOOHOn The Other Other Hand
OTTOver The Top
OTTHOn The Third Hand
OTTOMHOff The Top Of My Head
OTTOMHAROOOff the Top of My Head and Rolling Out of Bounds
OTWOn The Whole
OWTTEOr Words To That Effect
PABGPack A Big Gun
PBMPlay By Mail (Games)
PCBPlease Call Back
PCYLIHOONLPlease Cross Your Legs, I Have Only One Nail Left
PDPublic Domain
PDNPublic Data Network
PDQPretty Damn Quick
PF&HOMWPrinted, Framed & Hanging On My Wall
PGYPost Graduate Year (as in PGY-1, PGY-2 etc. used in PGY Med)
PhDPiled Higher and Deeper.
PIMPPee In My Pants (often in combination)
PITAPain In The Ass
PKBPot, Kettle, Black!
PLOKTAPress Lots Of Keys To Abort
PMBIPardon My Butting In
PMFBIPardon Me For Butting In
PMFJIHPardon Me For Jumping In Here.
PMJIPardon My Jumping In
PMYMHMMFSWGADPardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
PMYMHMMFSWGASPardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A S---.
POETSPiss On Everything, Tomorrow's Saturday
POSSLQPerson of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters
POQPiss Off Quickly
POQADCBPiss Off Quickly and Don't Come Back!
POVPoint Of View
PPNProgrammer Project Number (currently known as UserID)
PPPPetty Pet Peeve
PPPPPrevious Paragraph was Polemical Position
PSPost Scriptum
PTPhysical Training
PTBPowers That Be
PTOPatent and Trademark Office (US Govt); Please Turn Over
PWPathetic Wanker
QEDQuod Erat Demonstrandum (Quite Easily Done)
RFDRequest For Discussion
RFTRequest For Thinking
RHIPRank Has Its Privileges
RLCOReal Life COnference
RNARing, No Answer
ROFFNARRolling On The Floor For No Apparent Reason
ROFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My ASCII Off
ROFLRolling On the Floor Laughing
ROFLAHMSLRolling On the Floor Laughing And Holding My Sides Laughing
ROFLASCRolling On the Floor Laughing And Scaring the Cat
ROFLASTCRolling On the Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat
ROFLGORolling On Floor Laughing Guts Out!
ROFLOLRolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROFLOLVHRolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Very Hard
ROFPMLRoll On Floor Pissing Myself Laughing.
ROFTTPOFRolling On The Floor Trying To Put Out Flames
ROTBAReality On The Blink Again
ROTFRolling On The Floor
ROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLAHMSRolling On The Floor Laughing And Holding My Side
ROTFLMAAOBPORolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass And Other Body Parts Off
ROTMRight On The Money
RPGRole Playing Games
RSNReal Soon Now
RTFIRead The F---ing Instructions
RTFMRead The F---ing Manual
RTFMARead The Manual, Sir (from the military)
SAMFUSelf-Adjusting Military F--- Up
SAMFUTUSituation Abnormal, More F---ed Up Than Usual
SAPFUSurpassing All Previous F--- Ups
SBCNSitting Behind the Computer, Naked
SECSECond, eg. Wait a sec
SEGS--- Eating Grin
SEPSomebody Else's Problem
SFLAStupid Four Letter Acronym
SHS--- Happens
SHTSISomebody Had To Say It
SICSSitting In Chair Snickering
SIGSpecial Interest Group
SIINStuffed If I Know!
SITDStill In The Dark
SMOSerious Mode On
SMOPSmall Matter Of Programming
SMOFFSerious Mode OFF
SNAFUSituation Normal: All F---ed Up
SOSignificant Other
SOIStink On Ice
SOLS--- Out of Luck
SOPStanding Operational Proceedures; Standard Operating Procedure
SOSSame Old S---
SOVSSomeOne Very Special
SPAMSPiced hAM (Hormel's canned meat)
SSDDSame S---, Different Day
STStar Trek; Such That (frequently just "s.t.")
ST-DS9Star Trek, Deep Space 9
ST-TNGStar Trek, The Next Generation
ST-TOSStar Trek, The Original Series
ST-VOYStar Trek, Voyager
S2BXSoon To Be eX
STFUShut The F--- Up
STIFF"Stiff", said loudly.
SUCDICSituation Under Control, Dickheads In Charge
SUFIDScrewing Up Face In Disgust
SUNOILTYShut Up, No One Is Listening To You
SUSFUSituation Unchanged, Still F---ed Up
SWAGSimple Wild Ass Guess; Scientific Wild Ass Guess
SWAKSealed With A Kiss
SWALKSealed With A Loving Kiss
SWMBOShe Who Must Be Obeyed
SYSOPSYStem OPerator
SYTSweet Young Thing
TAFThat's All, Folks!
TAFNThat's All For Now
TANJThere Ain't No Justice
TANSTAAFLThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TARFUThings Are Really F---ed Up
TBETo Be Expected
TBYBTry Before You Buy
TCTelephone Call
TCBTaking Care of Business
TCBYTaking Care of Business, Ya'll
TCDThe Cat's Dead
TDDThe Dog's Dead
TDMToo Damn Many
TFBToo F---ing Bad
TFEToo F---ing Easy
TFMThe F---ing Manual
TFSThree Finger Salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del)
TFTTThanks For The Thought
TGALThink Globally, Act Locally
TGIFThank God Its Friday
TGTFThank God Tomorrow's Friday
THOTitty Hard On
TIAThanks In Advance
TIATLGTruly, I Am The Living God
TICTongue In Cheek
TIMETears In My Eyes (often in combination)
TINALOThis Is Not A Legal Opinion
TINARThis Is Not A Recommendation
TINSTAAFLThere Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TINWISThat Is Not What I Said
TIWTGLGGThis Is Where The Goofy Little Grin Goes
TIPTo Insure Promptness
TJATAWTruth, Justice, And The American Way
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TLGThe Living God
TMThread Mangler
TMIToo Much Information
TNOTVSThere's Nothing On Television, So ...
TNSOTemptingly Naked Significant Other
TNXThanks (as in THanX)
TPAEThe Possibilities Are Endless
TPTBThe Powers That Be
TPS(S)This Program Sucks (Severely)
TPTBThe Powers That Be
TRDMCTears Running Down My Cheeks
TSTough S---
TSOHFTotal Sense Of Humour Failure
TSJDTexas Size Jelly Donut - official food of Texas sysops
TSRTerminate and Stay Resident program; Totally Stupid Rules
TTBEThat's To Be Expected
TTBOMKTo The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFNTa-Ta For Now
TTL4NThat's The Lot For Now
TTMTo The Moderator
TTULTalk (or Type) To you Later
TTYLTalk To You Later
TTYRSTalk To You Real Soon?
TUFDThe User File Died
TWIMCTo Whom It May Concern
TYVMThank You Very Much
U/LUpload, send to the BBS
UAEUnrecoverable Application Error (Bane of Windows' users!)
ULUpload, send to the BBS
UNCLEUnified Nuclear Coalition of Latvian Emigrants
USUUSUally (frequently just "usu.")
UTCUnder The Counter
UTTUnder The Table
VETLAVery Enhanced TLA
W/With (frequently just "w/")
W/OWithOut (frequently just "w/o")
WAB?What, Another Bill?
WAEFWhen All Else Fails
WAGWild-Assed Guess
WALOCWhat A Load of Crap
WAMKSAMWhy Are My Kids (or Kitties) Staring At Me?
WCAGAWhat Comes Around, Goes Around
WCTYBTWHTKYWe Could Tell You, But Then We'd Have To Kill You
WDYMBTWhat Do (or Did) You Mean By That?
WFMWorks For Me
WIBAMUWell I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle
WIMPWindows, Icons, Mouse, Pointing
WIZOPWizard Sysop (the primary forum administrator for a forum)
WMMOWSWash My Mouth Out With Soap
WOAWork Of Art
WOFTAMWaste Of Flaming Time And Money
WOLFWitless One Line Followup
WOWFWitless One Word Followup
WRATGASWho Really And Truly Gives A S---
WRTWith Regard To; With Respect To
WTFWhat The F---
WTFDICWhat The F--- Do I Care
WTFDIKWhat The F--- Do I Know
WTFDYTYAWho The F--- Do You Think You Are
WTFIIWT_AWhat The F--- Is It With These _____ Anyway?
WTFOWhat The F---, Over (Reply)
WTFWT"What the F--- Was That?" - Mayor of Hiroshima
WTGWay To Go
WTHWhat The Hell (or Heck)
WWSWife Wants Sex (please wait a tic)
WWWWorld Wide Web
WYLABOCTGWTRWould You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
WYLASOMWTCWould You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment?
WYGIWYGWhat You Got Is What You Get
WYGIWYPFWhat You Get Is What You Pay For
WYPWhat's Your Point?
WYSBYGIWhat You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WYTYSYDGWhat You Thought You Saw, You Didn't Get
XYZeXamine Your Zipper
YABAYet Another Bloody Acronym
YADSYet Another DOS Shell
YAFAYet Another "Fine" Acronym
YAOTMYet Another Off-Topic Message
YAPYet Another Ploy
YCDBSOYAYou Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass!
YGTBSMYou've Got To Be S----ing Me!
YHBWYou Have Been Warned
YHGASPLYou Have Got A Serious Problem, Lad!
YHLYou Have Lost
YHTBTYou Had To Be There
YKYBYou Know You've Been
YKYB_TLWYou Know You've Been ______ing Too Long When . . .
YMMVYour Mileage May Vary; literally, "your experience may differ".
YSSYou Suck Severely
YWSYLSYou Win Some, You Lose Some