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Nature conservation of the Mar

This work will assess the ecological, hydrological and arboreal environment to determine the optimum way to manage the Mar for the future. A survey will be undertaken - probably during summer 2017. This will inform a future grant application for any work identified. In addition there will be some legal investigations to ensure the future management of the Mar is compliant with its status as common land and any remaining owners.

The work will include:
  • a habitat survey (including notes on birds using the site)
  • vegetation survey - with the presence/potential presence of legally protected or notable species or invasive plant species identified
  • aquatic plant and invertebrate surveys
  • hydrological assessment and recommendations for ongoing maintenance to ensure long-term operation - identifying the inputs, outputs and water levels, water chemistry etc.
  • a legal investigation to determine the current state of ownership of the Mar. It was designated as Common Land (no. 261) in 1974 (see map below), but ownership, originally with the Nussey family, passed to John Gay in South Africa. We hope to find out the status of John Gay and/or his estate/heirs, and if that proves fruitless, to establish appropriate structures and processes to manage the Mar for the future.

[Update - September 2017]
The Parish Council is now working up a scope of works for the environmental improvements at The Mar

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