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Tree planting and hedgerow gapping project

There are significant gaps in the hedgerows bordering the roads and lanes of the parish. Over the years, plants have died or gaps have appeared for other reasons. Trees have fallen, been damaged or grown in the wrong places.

This project is in two phases. The first is an arboreal survey, and the second will be the actual planting and remedial works. The latter will be the subject of a subsequent grant application in July 2017, the work being undertaken in winter 2017/18.

Survey work, resulting in a report to the parish council:
  • Tree condition assessment - along the roads and lanes, identifying those that require work to make them safe and logging the location of others.

  • Landscape Character Assessment - analyse the local landscape character and find areas where its value would be enhanced through infill planting in hedgerows or trees, including recommendations for the removal or replacement of trees which detract from the character of the village settings. Assessment of verges would also be done.
Before any works are agreed the relevant land and/or property owners will be consulted.

[Update - September 2017]
The Parish Council is now working up a scope of works for the general hedgerow gapping up and tree planting across the Parish - both to screen views of the incinerator in certain locations and to enhance the visual impact of other locations, through a programme of tree removal and planting. One area requiring further consultation with residents is the tree removal and planting works along Moor Lane in Arkendale and representatives of the Parish Council intend to discuss this with residents along Moor Lane between the Church and the southern end of the village over the next few weeks.

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