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Arkendale & Coneythorpe Parish Council

The following planning applications in the parish are currently being processed by Harrogate Borough Council. To find the documents and plans with any application, go to the following HBC website and enter the application reference number.

For further information about the Parish Council's reponse to any of the active applications, or to make representations or comments via the PC, please contact Jon West (planning matters councillor on the Parish Council). Comments and objections can also be made directly as individuals to HBC via the website above. Deadlines, where known, are given below.

For details of the Harrogate District's future planning considerations, see: HBC Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment
Current Planning Applications


17/02165/SCOPELand Adjacent to Thornbar Farm, HG5 0RBEnvironmental Impact Assessment Scoping opinion for construction of new sugar beet processing plant, with associated ancillary buildings, storage containers, car parking and landscaping

17/01748/SCOPEFlaxby Golf Course, HG5 0RREnvironmental Impact Assessment Scoping opinion for new settlement at Flaxby,

17/01746/SCREENFlaxby Golf Course, HG5 0RREnvironmental Impact Assessment Screening Opinion for new settlement at Flaxby

16/05647/EIAMAJFlaxby Business ParkOutline application for development of Business Park with access considered at land at Flaxby, South West of the junction of the A59 and A1M

Planning Applications Decided


17/01139/OUT Cottage Farm, Shortsill Lane, Coneythorpe, HG5 0RWOutline Application for conversion of existing outbuildings to form annexe with all matters reserved

17/00807/FUL St Bartholomews Church, Moor Lane, ArkendaleResurfacing of an existing footpath, improvement of access, erection of 1m high fence and self closing gate and replacement of the existing notice board.

17/00568/DISCONPond House Farm, Mar Head Balk, ArkendaleApproval of details under Condition 2 and Conditions 3c and 3e (Approved Plans) of Planning Permission 15/03024/DVCON

17/00496/FULVintage Croft, Moor Lane, Ferrensby Erection of 1 no. agricultural workers dwelling

16/05286/DISCON Long Acre, Moor Lane, ArkendaleApproval of details required under conditions 3 (Sample Materials) and 5 (Landscaping Scheme) of permission 6.78.89.A.FUL Open for Comment Land Comprising Field At 438295 460878

16/05159/PNAClareton Manor Barn, Clareton LaneFormation of new field access to facilitate newly erected lambing building.

16/04762/DISCONLong Acre, Moor Lane, ArkendaleApproval of details under conditions 7 (access to site), 10 (mud, grit and dirt prevention details), 11 (ecology method statement) and 12 (ecological enhancement scheme) of planning permission 15/01941/FUL -Erection of 3 dwellings with associated formation of vehicular access, parking and landscaping (Site Area 0.77ha) | Land Comprising Field At 438295 460878

16/04137/COUClareton Manor Barn, Clareton LaneChange of use from paddock (sui generis) to domestic curtilage (C3).

16/04247/COURabbit Hill Park, Great North RoadRetrospective application for the change of use of agricultural buildings to form office space, retail space and cafe

16/02492/FULClareton Manor Barn, Clareton LaneInstallation of roof lights and part conversion of garage to form annex

16/02302/SCOPEFlaxby Green ParkEnvironmental impact assessment scoping opinion for development of a business park SW of A1(M)/A59

16/02261/CLOPUDHarrison House, Mar Head Balk, ArkendaleApplication for a certificate of lawfulness for outbuilding to be used for ancillary use

16/01911/LBPond House Farm, ArkendaleListed building consent for the installation of a door on the south elevation of a single storey extension

16/01731/DISCONPond House Farm, ArkendaleVariation to allow for reduction in size of kitchen extension

16/01436/DVCONField west of Longacre, Moor Lane, ArkendaleVariation of condition 2 of planning permission 6.78.89.A.FUL to allow substitution of approved plans in relation to plots 2 and 3

16/01148/OHLEXPClareton Farm Clareton Lane ConeythorpeInstallation of new totem pole to accommodate pole mounted substation.

16/00886/OHLEXPClareton Hill, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeInstallation of new intermediate pole to accommodate undergrounding works

16/00840/FULBlack Barn, south of Dale House FarmDemolition of agricultural building and erection of a pair of semi-detached houses and creation of vehicular accesses [revised plans]

16/00308/FULClareton Farm, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeErection of lamb housing agricultural building

16/00153/FULClareton Farm, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeChange of use of agricultural land to form domestic garden, relocation of stone wall and formation of terrace, external steps and new access

15/05425/FULClareton Farm, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeErection of and retention of dwelling (but without UPVC conservatory)

15/05119/FULClareton Farm, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpErection of garage block to include studio, gym, tool hed and green house

15/04845/FULElectricity sub-station, Clareton Moor Farm, ConeythorpeErection of control room and installation of 2 transformer compounds and 3m palisade fence and power fence wires at the electricity substation

15/04593/FULHollins Farm, ArkendaleConversion of detached hobbies building to form ancillary residential accommodation

15/04590/TCONTreelow, Shortsill Lane, ConeythorpePollarding to 4.5 metres of 1 No. Eucalyptus tree within the Coneythorpe Conservation Area

15/04574/FULClareton Farm, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeErection of single and two storey extensions, formation of steps, installation of chimney, demolition of conservatory and alterations to fenestration to include installation of roof lantern - application withdrawn

15/04572/FULHolgate Bank Grange, ArkendaleConversion of 2 stores and erection of single storey extension to form study and gym and alterations to fenestration

15/04397/COUClareton Manor Barn, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeChange of use of agricultural buildings to ancillary domestic occupation and associated land to form domestic curtilage

15/03024/DVCONPond House Farm, ArkendaleVariation to allow for reduction in size of kitchen extension

15/02944/SCOPEFlaxby Golf ClubScoping opinion for proposed mixed use settlement comprising up to 2,213 dwellings; a central hub comprising shops, financial services, restaurants, drinking establishments, takeaways, employment uses, hotel, extra care facilities, medical facilities & community building; assembly and leisure use and car parking; a primary school/nursery, other community uses including recreation playing pitches, allotments and other associated public open space; installation of appropriate utilities and transport infrastructure; landscaping and associated groundworks

15/02792/TCONHill Bank House, 1 Shortsill Lane, ConeythorpeFelling of 1 Cedar Tree in the Coneythorpe Conservation Area

15/02717/FULClareton Farm, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeErection of porch, single storey, two storey extensions and replacement roofs, alterations to roofs and chimneys to include conversion of loft to form additional living accommodation, alterations to fenestration and installation of septic tank

15/02414/FULDale Farm Cottage, Moor Lane, ArkendaleErection of garage extension

15/02180/FUL22 Manor Park, ArkendaleErection of two storey extension and alterations to fenestration

15/02064/FULDale Farm, Moor Lane, ArkendaleDemolition of two outbuildings, erection of carport and garden store to include access steps

15/01941/FULLong Acre, Moor Lane, ArkendaleErection of 3 dwellings with associated formation vehicular access, parking and landscaping at field west of Long Acre, Moor Lane, Arkendale

15/01557/FULClareton Manor Barn, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeDemolition of agricultural shed and erection of replacement vehicle storage building

15/01434/FULHolgate Bridge Farm, Moor Lane, ArkendaleRetention of vehicular access and wall

14/05233/DISCONBlue Bell Inn Moor Lane ArkendaleApplication for approval of details required under condition 3 and 4 (surface water drainage) and 5 (mechanical extract ventilation system)

14/04840/FULBramblewick, Shortsill Lane, ConeythorpeErection of pitched roof over existing flat roof to form additional living accommodation and erection of detached double garage

14/04505/FULThe Barn, Moor Lane, ArkendaleConversion of barn to form 2 dwellings with associated parking

14/04459/PDUCOThe Granary, Clareton Lane, ConeythorpeInstallation of rooflights

14/02516/LBPond House Farm, ArkendaleListed Building consent for the erection of single storey extension, conversion of basement to form additional living accommodation, installation of 2 windows and 3 rooflights and internal works to include alterations to existing doors and staircase, removal of staircase, installation of replacement staircase and conversion of roof space to form ensuite.

14/02515/FULPond House Farm, ArkendaleErection of single storey extension, conversion of basement to form additional living accommodation and installation of 2 windows and 3 rooflights.