Arkendale Wine Society

For all those who enjoy wine and want to learn more about it in an easy social setting.

The Society meets roughly bi-monthly in Arkendale Community Hall and each event offers a selection of wines for tasting, with bread, cheese and meats to accompany them. Tasting notes, presentations and advice is given by members of the society and by invited vintners.

Life membership is £10, with tickets for each event being priced separately. For further information please contact Gavin Holman - tel 01423 341945 or email

Next meetings: (for details see the What's On page)

Previous meetings

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September 2018Moldovan wines - David Lawson, Chez Vin Otley
March 2018Argentinian wines - Mark Ryan, Yorkshire Vintners
January 2018Gala Dinner
November 2017Wine Tasting Quiz
August 2017Sicilian Wines (by Veeno)
May 2017Favourite Wines under £10
January 2017Burns Night Gala Dinner
December 2016Christmas wines - David Lawson, Chez Vin Otley
October 2016Men's Evening - Personal Selection
August 2016Blind Tasting - Alan Stokes + David Cox
May 2016South African wines - Nick Chadwick, Winearray
March 2016Romanian wines - Mark Ryan, Yorkshire Vintners
December 2015Gala Dinner
November 2015Italian wines - David Lawson, Chez Vin Otley
October 2015Blind Tasting - LiDL v. Majestic
July 2015Ladies' Evening - Summer Wines
May 2015Blind Tasting
March 2015Off the Beaten Track - Nick Chadwick, Winearray
January 2015Call My Bluff!
December 2014Gala Dinner
October 2014Personal Selection - Mark Ryan, Yorkshire Vintners
September 2014Chocolate and Wines - Azra Sadiq
May 2014Wines & Cumbrian Cheeses - David Unsworth, Cartmel
March 2014German Wines - Yorkshire Vintners
January 2014Blind Tasting - Peter Thorndyke
December 2013Gala Dinner
November 2013Spanish Wines - Ake & Humphris
September 2013Majestic Wines - Harrogate
July 2013French Single Grape - Winearray
May 2013Summer Wines - Yorkshire Vintners
April 2013Single Grape Varieties - Alan Stokes & Peter Thorndyke
January 2013Italian Wines - Ake & Humphris
December 2012Gala Dinner
September 2012Australian Wines - Nidderdale Fine Wines
July 2012Pure Grape Varieties - John Alderson & Alan Stokes
May 2012Presentation by Waitrose
March 2012Spanish Wines - Yorkshire Vintners
January 2012South American Wines - Majestic Wines
December 2011Gala Dinner
November 2011Blind Tastings - Peter Thorndyke
September 2011Wines of Southern France - (Mark Ryan, Great Northern Wines)
July 2011Wines of Alsace - Peter Hopkins (PM Wine Services)
May 2011Wines of Iberia - (Mark Ryan, Great Northern Wines)
March 2011Fantastic Wines Under £5.99 - John Alderson & Tim Braithwaite
January 2011Wines of Italy - Nick Chadwick (Winearray)
December 2010Wines ideal for Christmas drinking - Alan Stokes, Trevor Rowe & Dave Cox
October 2010Wines of the World - Nick Chadwick (Winearray)

Future events
  • Friday 23rd November - A surprise presentation from two of our members
  • Early 2019 - Portugese wines