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If anyone has any news items to report or announce - anything to do with the village or its inhabitants - then please send it to This could be charity or special events, 'Big' birthdays anniversaries etc.



Dog Fouling

Some residents are being troubled by dog fouling on the land in front of their houses. While most of the dog walkers in the village are responsible dog-owners who carry and use their little plastic bags whenever necessary, it spoils it for everyone when this courtesy is not adhered to by everyone.

It would be very much appreciated please if this problem could be 'cleared up' during future walks for the benefit of all.


Sugar Beet Factory - please contact HBC

Please find below details of an an email sent to all HBC Councillors today regarding the proposal to build a Sugar Beet Factory on the A168 adjacent to the Incinerator. If you oppose this proposal it is vital that HBC Councillors are made aware of your feelings and the strength opposition in the community so please email the Councillors. Please use your own words in your comments.

Click here for an NFU article supporting the factory

The following link is to a document containing all the Councillors email addresses which you can copy and paste into your email address bar if you wish.

"Dear Councillor - I would like to bring to your attention the strong feeling of the local communities expressed at a number of large public meetings against the proposed sugar beet factory on the A168 between Allerton Park and Boroughbridge. Should this go ahead it will have serious detrimental effects on Harrogate and its surrounding areas.
The scale of this proposal is enormous. The 4 silos themselves would be higher than York Minster and will be visible for many many miles across the county. At its peak production there will be 3400 HGV movements into and out of the plant every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is almost 3 vehicles every minute or 1 vehicle every 25 seconds. This will cause severe congestion on the A59, on the A168, and on the A1M where this represents a 10% increase in HGV traffic. It will cause major traffic congestion on the Allerton Park and Boroughbridge junctions of this motorway. This is of course in addition to the increase in HGV traffic due to the incinerator and also the proposed housing developments in Boroughbridge, and Green Hammerton etc.
The proposer has acknowledged in the scoping document to HBC that the plant will emit unpleasant odours and with 24 hour operation there will be serious noise and light pollution.
Any jobs that come with this proposal will in the main seasonal as the sugar beet season is normally only 6 months or less.
I would sincerely hope that you will make HBC planning committee aware of the serious long term consequences of permitting this proposal, and of the strong community opposition to it. I hope that we can count on your support and will be pleased to receive your comments"


Church PCC Fundraising Thanks

Arkendale PCC would like to sincerely thank all who have attended or supported the last few fundraising events held this summer and autumn. We have mixed events old and new to appeal to as many residents and businesses as possible and we are pleased to report the following .
  • Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot - £400
  • Annie's Secret Garden - £760
  • Auction of Promises and Gifts - £2198
  • Harvest Lunch - £183 - a donation to further the work of FOAG has been made from these profits.
We hope this will enable us to meet our obligations to the diocese and also fund the upkeep of the church. It has been wonderful to see such support. If you can help with fundraising in any way, please let us know.


Stop the Sugar Beet Factory

The group opposing the plans has a new website and is fundraising to help its fight against the developmen


Flaxby Business Park

Approval has been granted by HBC for this, subject to the conditions outlined in the response received from the Council.

See the Flaxby Business Park HBC letter


Mar reports available

The ecology and hydrological reports by the consultants working on the Mar are now available.

For the reports and also the documents on the initial tree and hedge assessments, see the AWRP Fund pages


Sugar Refinery Update (2)

The results of a survey of parishioners asking "Should the PC actively oppose this development" were: 94 voted YES, 1 voted NO and 2 Undecided.

A letter was sent by the PC in June to Harrogate Borough Council about the scoping report for the proposals - Click here for the letter (pdf)

Mark Beardmore, the project manager for the developer, has been invited to present the proposals to residents from our Parish. We will confirm the date for a special meeting at Arkendale village hall, likely to be sometime in late October, when he confirms this to us.


Sugar Refinery Update

An on-line petition opposing the plans is available for signature - see:

You can also see the Reject Allerton Gridlock and Stink (RAGS) Facebook page,

and follow @ragas2017 on Twitter.

Click here for the RAGS letter (pdf)

Click the picture on the right for comparisons of the planned refinery site.


Sugar Refinery Plans

Land close by Allerton Waste Recovery Park has been earmarked for a sugar beet processing facility by Al Khaleej International Ltd, a Cayman Islands-based subsidiary of Al Khaleej Sugar of Dubai. According to early stage planning documents, Al Khaleej International Ltd expects a supply chain of about 3,500 British farmers, largely from across the North East, to supply sugar beet to the proposed plant.

The refinery would process between 24,000 to 36,000 tonnes of sugar beet per day during the harvest season from September to March with warehouse and packaging operations in action 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Employment for up to 300 workers would be provided alongside hundreds more jobs during the construction phase. The development would incorporate the sugar plant itself in addition to ancillary buildings and four storage silo containers reaching 80 metres high by 60 metres wide. The surrounding land would also be developed into car parking and landscaping. Al Khaleej Sugar developed the largest standalone sugar refinery in the world, in the United Arab Emirates.

The initial planning application can be found with the reference 17/02165/SCOPE on the HBC planning website.


Starbeck Level Crossing Closed

Starbeck Level Crossing is closed to all traffic, between 10.00pm on Friday 26th May and 6.30 am Tuesday 30th May. Please seek alternative route to travel.


Police Community Messaging

North Yorkshire Police Community Messaging - allows the Police to identify and message specific geographical or business groups and send out news or warnings about specific issues. There is also work ongoing for public to be able to send back reports in in real time also, though this is not live just yet. The system will allow residents to opt for e-mail, text, phone voicemail messages for whichever location they choose, so you could also include work or school areas in addition to home addresses for example. Residents will initially need computer or smartphone access to register. - This is a Home Office security level property register, which is free. Any personal items that have a serial number or code on can be registered on the site. Police can then use the list to search and reunite owners with stolen or lost items. It is very easy to use - though again, it needs computer or smartphone access, and is a 'wet Sunday afternoon' type activity - to record a few valuable items to your personal file.

We also have available a dot pen property marking device which can be used to put identifying postcode or names on a variety of property items. This is a small, electronic dot punch that can mark in different size and depth letters. It can be used to mark metal bike frames but there are a host of other possibilities, including tack and tools etc. (I have even done watches!) If a number of persons in the parish were wanting a combined marking visit, or a person has a number of items and would like an appointment, please pass on my details or get in touch.

PCSO 5510 Philip Wright
Response and Reassurance
Knaresborough and Boroughbridge NPT
North Yorkshire Police


Arkedale Manor sales

The Arkendale Manor was sold twice in the last century or so. Firstly in 1882, and then again in 1919 when it was largely broken up. The sale prospectuses are available to view here.

Arkendale Manor sale prospectus - 1882

Arkendale Manor sale prospectus - 1919

A cleaned up version of the map in the 1882 prospectus is available on the maps page of this website.


Phone Box Competition

COMPETITION! - Your Parish Council needs your ideas Having refurbished the village phone box we are now looking for ideas to put it to a new use and invite the local community to make suggestions. Proposals will be considered at 13th Sept Parish Council Meeting. Suggestions already made include: a defibrillator, book exchange, another noticeboard, a community fruit/veg/egg exchange.

Deadline for Submissions Friday 1st September

Suggestions by email to Oliver Quarmby -, or by leaving them in the phone box - it is open and on the floor inside is a box file in a plastic bag, please seal your idea in an envelope and leave it in the box file - these will be collected regularly


Telephone Box Refurbished

The village telephone box was decommissioned and adopted by the Parish Council in 2011. As the box was in poor condition when it was decommissioned, it was agreed that it should be refurbished so that it was fit for whatever purpose was decided. Some of the grant from the AWRP Community Fund was used to renew the glazing and frames of the box, restoring the "Telephone" signs, repairing or replacing any defects in the body and frame, and repainting it.

We are now actively looking for a use for the phone box. Current ideas are defibrillator, book exchange, noticeboard, a community fruit/veg/egg exchange where people can swap produce or a community honesty box for flowers/produce.

Any suggestions or comments on the above ideas, please contact Oliver Quarmby -



Extra Parish Council Meeting

An extra meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th December, to discuss the Parish Council's response to the Flaxby Option of the Harrogate District Local Plan

St Bartholomew's Church, 7.30pm

See: Parish Council Agenda


Phone Box renovation

This work is scheduled to take place from the second week of January 2017, weather permitting.

For further details see the Telephone Box project


Dog Fouling

Some residents are being troubled by dog fouling on the land in front of their houses. While most of the dog walkers in the village are responsible dog-owners who carry and use their little plastic bags whenever necessary, it spoils it for everyone when this courtesy is not adhered to by everyone.

It would be very much appreciated please if this problem could be 'cleared up' during future walks for the benefit of all.


Chance find in Australia

This image of St Bartholomew's Church is taken from a painting. It shows the church before alterations were made in the 1880s and also, if you look closely, a crack in the barn wall to the east of the church. This crack is clearly remembered by Hubert Houseman, who was kind enough to allow his print of the painting to be added to the website.

The painting was discovered in Australia many years ago when a village resident was visiting some relatives. She encountered an art dealer who, on finding out where she came from, announced that he had a painting of the church in Arkendale! Sadly the painting was not signed, so we do no know who the artist was. However the painting was purchased and brought back to Arkendale.


Time stands still in Arkendale

We are sad to announce that the Church clock will remain at 12.45 for some considerable time. It has worked well since 1912 but, not surprisingly, has now grown 'tired' and needs cleaning and repairing.

We have had a church clock expert to look at it and the cleaning alone will be about £1,000, and the repairs an unknown amount until they can be assessed. Perhaps in the distant future something can be done, but at the present time dealing with the damp in the Church is the priority.

For the time being, therefore, we will be the village 'where time has stood still'!


New Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

Malcolm Howe has very recently taken over the responsibility as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator for Arkendale village.

The organisation is based on a simple philosophy of neighbours getting together to reduce local crime and disorder in order to make their neighbourhood a safer and better place to live, work and play.

"I am looking forward to my new role in the village and welcome any comments, concerns or ideas about neighbourhood watch. My contact details are tel: 07972 060985, email:

I have some ideas as to how I would like to see the scheme develop locally, and after a period of reflection will keep neighbours informed as to how things could progress. In the meantime important messages concerning crime and safety from the local police force will continue to be posted on the Arkendale website for all to see.

I would finally like to take this opportunity to thank Cynthia Strong, who has recently stepped down from the local coordinator's role after many years of hard work and dedication. She has been particularly helpful to me in these early stages by providing information and encouragement.

Thanks, Malcolm Howe."


Road Closures - Again!

Please see below the notification received by North Yorkshire County Council highways with regards to the closure notices on Moor Lane, Clareton Lane and Spitlands.

The roads are currently open and will be officially closed on Monday 3rd October and re-opened on the 11th November.

The cable supplier has now promised to deliver the cable on Monday 10th October and that week will be spent pulling the cable through each section to each jointing bay.

The following week (w/c 17th October) the team will be focused on jointing on Moor lane firstly. They expect that this will take a max of a week to connect in the 2 joint bays and look to then re-open Moor lane.


Flaxby Park Development

At the Parish Council meeting on 6 September, two representatives from Flaxby Park Ltd gave a presentation and invited discussion of their outline plans for the development of the Flaxby golfcourse site. They explained that they hoped to get HBC to include their proposal in the HBC local plan which is under development at present in the Borough Council.

The Parish Council will be consulting with the public in the coming weeks to understand their opinions of the development, and inform the PC position.

Ray Mallon and Michael Wildblood, from Flaxby Park Ltd, provided a document outlining their proposals. This is available here:

        Flaxby Park Design Notes


Arkendale Teddy Bear

Arkendale Bear - Many of you may have noticed the 3 metre high teddy bear made from straw bales and wondered what it's all about. The teddy bear was made by Arkendale resident Wendy Lill (Houseman) in aid of Saint Michaels Hospice.

Wendy is running a competition to name the bear. If you or your children would like to guess his name, details can be found on (just search for Wendy Lill).

The bear is situated as you approach the village from the A168 just past the A1 flyover. Do take a look next time you pass you can't miss him!



Not an immediate issue for Arkendale residents, but to see both sides of the debate:

For the Government view, see:

For the anti-fracking view, see:

Of course you can Google "fracking" for a spectrum of opinions, well-informed or otherwise!


Harrogate Borough Council Budget 2017/18 Consultation

Harrogate Borough Council is consulting on its future budget. You can complete the online questionnaire to assist with this exercise.

See: this page for a link to the survey


North Yorkshire Community Messaging

North Yorkshire Community Messaging is a free community messaging system for North Yorkshire that allows you to register to receive the latest crime notifications and community news happening in your local neighbourhood. It allows you to decide when and how you are kept informed about the issues that matter to you.

Interests include: Crime and Other Police Incidents, Rural Policing, Anti-Social Behaviour, Road Safety, Neighbourhood News and Events

Receive your alerts by phone, email, text message or mobile app (launching soon)!

Select by area(s): School, home, places of work, elderly relatives


More Road Closures

Moor Lane (between Arkendale and Coneythorpe, and Clareton Lane, will be close for four week from Tuesday 30th August. This is to allow Amey Cespa to pull through the electrical cables for the AWRP to the electrical substation.


New Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator wanted

Cynthia Strong is retiring from the role after 20 years and the village is seeking someone to replace her. You will need to be able to accept emails and pass on relevant information as necessary to go onto the web site. There is an annual meeting to attend, also a report to be given each year to the annual parish meeting. You also need to be contactable if anyone in the village has any concerns, and to speak to the police accordingly. Anyone who is interested should contact Cynthia on 340500 or email, or Angela Pulman (Parish Clerk & police liaison)


Flaxby Golf Course Developments - Public Meeting

15 August 2016, 7.30pm, The Bay Horse Inn, Goldsborough.

Flaxby Park Limited (FPL) have increased the scale of its proposals from c. 1,500 new homes to c. 2,750 new homes and are in the process of seeking to acquire additional land to the North of the Golf Course site. It submitted its application to HBC on 11 July 2016 for its proposed new c. 2,750 home housing development to be included and adopted in HBC's emerging Local Plan, which is currently scheduled for adoption in 2018. HBC will, following a Cabinet meeting at the end of August 2016, determine its preferred housing developments for Harrogate Borough to be included within the consultation process for the new Local Plan. Ray Mallon from FPL will be attending the meeting to provide an update on the proposed development and to then answer questions from the public.


New Pilates teacher for Arkendale

Good news we have a new teacher to take the Monday morning class at the Community Hall in Arkendale. Her name is Marian Johnson and she is Physio trained and comes with a fresh approach and an incredible passion for Pilates. She will start on Monday 6th June at the usual time of 9.20am Any queries please ring Jean Stokes 340517


Quiz Night Success

We raised an amazing £1919.51 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which will be even more with Gift Aid. Our thanks go to everyone that attended or supported in any way.

[Aoife McKenna]


Road Closures from 11th May (Moor Lane & Clareton Lane)

The planned road works between Arkendale and Coneythorpe are now due to start from Wednesday 11th May, and it is anticipated that they will last for 4-5 weeks, although if things go well this may be shortened.

During the works Moor Lane will be closed between Coneythorpe and Arkendale. Amey Cespa have made arrangements for NYCC Fleet Services to operate journeys between Knaresborough and Coneythorpe as a replacement to the local bus service.

See: this note for the replacement bus service

[Gavin Holman]


Allerton Waste Recovery Park Landscape & Cultural Heritage Fund

A meeting was held in the Blue Bell Inn to discuss ideas for projects in and around the village. A significant amount of money is available over the next five years for projects in the communities near to the Allerton Waste Recovery Park, and Arkendale should ensure it does not lose the opportunities this fund provides.

26 member of the village attended. A number of suggestions were discussed and five of the more popular ones were selected initially for further investigation.

The minutes of the meeting are available here

[Gavin Holman]


Rabbit Hill Country Store and Rural Supplies

This new local business opens on Good Friday 25th March, offering a one stop shop for all your rural needs - farming, equine, pets and gardening


[Gavin Holman]


New times for HBC Household Waste Recycling Centres

From April 2016 the opening times for all HBC tips will be:
  • April to September: 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • October to March: 8.30am to 4.00pm
They are open every day, excluding Wednesdays, 25/26 December and 1 January

[Gavin Holman]


The Allerton Park Landscape & Cultural Heritage Fund is looking for panel members

The Allerton Park Landscape & Cultural Heritage Fund can award grants of up to £50k for projects aiming to enhance the area of benefit around the Allerton Waste Recovery Park .


If you are active in your community with a good level of local knowledge and would like to be involved with the panel helping to decide on how funds should be allocated for maximum community benefit then we would love to hear from you.

Email the Two Ridings Community Foundation at, or call 01904 435 277

[Gavin Holman]


New Zumba Class

Georgie is starting a second Zumba Class in the Community Hall - Tuesdays, 10am to 11am

[Gavin Holman]


Enhanced Recycling Scheme

The Council will now take brown cardboard if you cut it up to fit your blue bag, and also plastic cartons and yoghurt pots. The big "no" items are pizza boxes and black plastic food trays and glittery wrapping paper.

Recycling Box
  • glass jars and bottles - any colour of glass
  • food and drink cans - please rinse and squash if possible
  • food and drink cartons (such as those made by Tetra Pak)
  • empty aerosol cans
  • tubs and trays (ie yogurt pots, plastic tubs, margarine tubs)
  • tin foil
  • plastic bottles - please squash then replace lid
NOT IN Recycling Box
  • broken glass
  • Pyrex or cookware
  • glasses or spectacles
  • light bulbs
  • paint cans
  • other metals
  • black plastic food trays
Recycling Blue Bag
  • mixed paper - newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, office paper (any colour), clean paper bags, envelopes (including window), wrapping paper, junk mail, telephone directories, including Yellow Pages and catalogues
  • card - white or grey card (generally found as packaging for food products such as cereal boxes and ready meals), greetings cards, egg boxes etc.
  • brown cardboard
NOT IN Recycling Blue Bag
  • wrapping paper with glitter or made of foil
  • pizza boxes
[Gavin Holman]

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