Arkendale Village News

If anyone has any news items to report or announce - anything to do with the village or its inhabitants - then please send it to This could be charity or special events, 'Big' birthdays anniversaries etc.

1 June 2019 - Charity Clay Shoot raises £545

Recently, Mike Burniston held a charity clay shoot on the farm, which raised £545.00 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Thanks to all involved in making it a special day and for everyone's generosity. Well done!


15 May 2019 - Parish Council minutes available

The of the May Parish Council meetings on are now available. To view them, click here.

See the Parish Council Documents page for minutes and other official documents


9 February 2019 - Parish Council minutes available

The minutes of the 23rd January Parish Council meeting are now available. To view them, click here.

See the Parish Council Documents page for minutes and other official documents


31 January 2019 - Vacancy for Parish Council Clerk

The vacancy is for the role of Parish Council Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer

  • 2.5 hours a week which can be worked flexibly
  • Element of evening work, principally attendance at 5 meeting per annum.
  • The Clerk will need to work from home (a laptop and printer is provided)
  • Main duties include - responsibility for managing the PC finances, current precept being £2,600, setting meeting agendas and taking minutes at the meetings of the Parish Council, updating policies and procedures in line with current legislation, dealing with correspondence.
  • Previous experience helpful but not necessary (the current clerk is happy to support with training if needed).
Any interested person should contact the Chair, Mark Robertshaw, in the first instance at


30 January 2019 - Defibrillator in Arkendale

The new CPAD (Community Public Access Defibrillator) is now installed and operational on the external wall of the Blue Bell (to the right of the Main Entrance from the car park (opposite the Community Hall entrance).

To access and use it...

  • You must call 999, and if they assess you need a Defibrillator, let them know that your closest one is on the wall of the Blue Bell in Arkendale and they will give you the code to access the cabinet. (Note: if you live within 600 metres of the Defibrillator, they will recognise this from your postcode and automatically give you the code)
  • Once you have the code either go yourself or, better still, send someone else whilst you stay with the patient, to fetch the Defibrillator from the cabinet.
  • You do not need to be trained to use the Defibrillator, it will guide you through the process and you will be fully assisted by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service operator until help arrives.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the Ambulance Service.
  • Once complete, at your earliest convenience, please return the Defibrillator Unit to the Cabinet, not forgetting to lock the cabinet.
  • If you cannot return it, or have any questions or need help, please e-mail: which will be sent through to the - Guardian, Wendy Lill (or her stand in, if she is away).
IMPORTANT: We cannot hand out the code for the Defibrillator Cabinet as the Guardian has to know that it has been used so that the Pads can be replaced and so that we can ensure it is once again available for use. The Guardian is informed of its use by the Ambulance Service.

In an EMERGENCY ONLY and if you cannot access the Code, please call either Wendy Lill (07947 147155) or Jon West (07960 006326)

The Parish Council wishes to thank the Lions and Harrogate Borough Council for fully funding the supply of the CPAD, and the management of the Blue Bell for funding the installation and running costs of the unit.


17 January 2019 - Parish Council Agenda available

The agenda for the 23rd January Parish Council meeting on are now available. To view them, click here.

See the Parish Council Documents page for minutes and other official documents


20 November 2018 - Bonfire raises £807.25 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

The Arkendale bonfire, on 3rd November, held a collection for this year's charity, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Many thanks Mike Burniston & Paul Cocker for arranging the event and donating the fireworks, and to all who attended raising the magnificent total of £807.25.

We can look forward to exceeding that at next year's bonfire!


15 November 2018 - Parish Council Agenda available

The agenda for the 21st November Parish Council meeting on are now available. To view them, click here.

See the Parish Council Documents page for minutes and other official documents


16 October 2018 - Nature conservation of the Mar project

The main Mar works have now been completed. We have cleared the willow, removed silts, reopened the outfall and created new ponds and a footpath across the site (which won't be dry enough to be used for a few weeks yet). There are more works to do including installing bat and bird boxes and a life buoy, removing some more self seeded willow from the road side of the Mar and planting new trees and grass seeding. We also still have work to do to the north bank to remove tipped rubbish and plant new trees but this won't be done until the new year. There are some photos attached showing some during and after shots including one of our ecologist Bernadette who has been pivotal in facilitating the project in light of the great crested newts present.
For more details and pictures see the Nature conservation of the Mar project


16 October 2018 - Tree planting and hedgerow gapping project

The tree planting project around the parish will take place in November and involves more than 1km of gaps in hedgerows being planted up and a significant number of new trees being planted in various locations around Arkendale, Coneythorpe and Clareton. Following discussions with the council we will not be removing any trees from Moor Lane through Arkendale as was the original proposal, rather there will be a few new trees added. You may notice that the council carried out some tree maintenance along Moor Lane in the summer and this has greatly improved many of the existing trees.
For more details and pictures see the Tree planting and hedgerow gapping project


12 October 2018 - Parish Council Minutes published

The minutes of the September Parish Council meeting are now available. To view these minutes, click here.

See the Parish Council Documents page for other minutes and official documents


6 August 2018 - New Priest for the Benefice

Following interviews in July, Revd. Claire Renshaw, Curate in the Knaresborough Team Ministry, has been appointed as Priest in Charge of The Benefice of Walkingham Hill (which covers Arkendale, Staveley, Farnham, Scotton and Copgrove). Her Licensing service will be held at Staveley Church on 11 October at 7.00 pm.

Reverend Claire will be moving from Knaresborough with her husband, Steve, and their two children, Thomas and Sophie.

Details of church services at St Bartholomew's, and the others in the Benefice, can be found on the village website.

Archdeacon Beverley Mason, from Ripon, who has guided the benefice through the vacancy period, is to be the next Bishop of Warrington.


12 April 2018 - Telephone scams

There are a number of people in the Harrogate area who have had money stolen from their account by various scams in recent weeks. In one case an Arkendale resident was the victim of a scamming attack. Please take great care when responding to calls from banks, utility companies or other organisations - even the police!.

Genuine calls will never ask for your bank account details, or ask you to transfer money from your accounts, or ask you to do something strange with your mobile phone. Always assume the worst - however plausible the caller sounds - especially if they seem to be offering you a refund or asserting your accounts are in danger.

If you feel you need to check with the company or bank concerned, then do so - BUT a) either do it from a different telephone, or leave it at least an hour after putting the phone down (as some scammers can hijack your line), and b) use the published telephone number from the phone book, your own documents or the organisation's website. Don't use any numbers given by the caller.

Do report any suspicious calls to the Police - tel: 101, or report it to Action Fraud by visiting or by calling 0300 123 2040. In an emergency dial 999.


22 November 2017 - Dog fouling

Some residents are being troubled by dog fouling on the land in front of their houses. While most of the dog walkers in the village are responsible dog-owners who carry and use their little plastic bags whenever necessary, it spoils it for everyone when this courtesy is not adhered to by everyone.

It would be very much appreciated please if this problem could be 'cleared up' during future walks for the benefit of all.


28 October 2017 - Church PCC Fundraising Thanks

Arkendale PCC would like to sincerely thank all who have attended or supported the last few fundraising events held this summer and autumn. We have mixed events old and new to appeal to as many residents and businesses as possible and we are pleased to report the following .

  • Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot - £400
  • Annie's Secret Garden - £760
  • Auction of Promises and Gifts - £2198
  • Harvest Lunch - £183 - a donation to further the work of FOAG has been made from these profits.
We hope this will enable us to meet our obligations to the diocese and also fund the upkeep of the church. It has been wonderful to see such support. If you can help with fundraising in any way, please let us know.


14 September 2017 - Mar reports available

The ecology and hydrological reports by the consultants working on the Mar are now available.

For the reports and also the documents on the initial tree and hedge assessments, see the AWRP Fund pages


21 May 2017 - Police Community Messaging

North Yorkshire Police Community Messaging - allows the Police to identify and message specific geographical or business groups and send out news or warnings about specific issues. The system allows residents to opt for e-mail, text, phone voicemail messages for whichever location they choose, so you could also include work or school areas in addition to home addresses for example. - This is a Home Office security level property register, which is free. Any personal items that have a serial number or code on can be registered on the site. Police can then use the list to search and reunite owners with stolen or lost items. It is very easy to use - though again, it needs computer or smartphone access, and is a 'wet Sunday afternoon' type activity - to record a few valuable items to your personal file.

We also have available a dot pen property marking device which can be used to put identifying postcode or names on a variety of property items. This is a small, electronic dot punch that can mark in different size and depth letters. It can be used to mark metal bike frames but there are a host of other possibilities, including tack and tools etc. (I have even done watches!) If a number of persons in the parish were wanting a combined marking visit, or a person has a number of items and would like an appointment, please pass on my details or get in touch.

PCSO 5510 Philip Wright
Response and Reassurance
Knaresborough and Boroughbridge NPT
North Yorkshire Police


12 May 2017 - Arkedale Manor sales

The Arkendale Manor was sold twice in the last century or so. Firstly in 1882, and then again in 1919 when it was largely broken up. The sale prospectuses are available to view here.

Arkendale Manor sale prospectus - 1882

Arkendale Manor sale prospectus - 1919

A cleaned up version of the map in the 1882 prospectus is available on the maps page of this website.


4 March 2017 - Telephone Box Refurbished

The village telephone box was decommissioned and adopted by the Parish Council in 2011. As the box was in poor condition when it was decommissioned, it was agreed that it should be refurbished so that it was fit for whatever purpose was decided. Some of the grant from the AWRP Community Fund was used to renew the glazing and frames of the box, restoring the "Telephone" signs, repairing or replacing any defects in the body and frame, and repainting it.

We are now actively looking for a use for the phone box. Current ideas are defibrillator, book exchange, noticeboard, a community fruit/veg/egg exchange where people can swap produce or a community honesty box for flowers/produce.

Any suggestions or comments on the above ideas, please contact Oliver Quarmby -


31 October 2016 - Chance find in Australia

This image of St Bartholomew's Church is taken from a painting. It shows the church before alterations were made in the 1880s and also, if you look closely, a crack in the barn wall to the east of the church. This crack is clearly remembered by Hubert Houseman, who was kind enough to allow his print of the painting to be added to the website.

The painting was discovered in Australia many years ago when a village resident was visiting some relatives. She encountered an art dealer who, on finding out where she came from, announced that he had a painting of the church in Arkendale! Sadly the painting was not signed, so we do no know who the artist was. However the painting was purchased and brought back to Arkendale.


30 October 2016 - Time stands still in Arkendale

We are sad to announce that the Church clock will remain at 12.45 for some considerable time. It has worked well since 1912 but, not surprisingly, has now grown 'tired' and needs cleaning and repairing.

We have had a church clock expert to look at it and the cleaning alone will be about £1,000, and the repairs an unknown amount until they can be assessed. Perhaps in the distant future something can be done, but at the present time dealing with the damp in the Church is the priority.

For the time being, therefore, we will be the village 'where time has stood still'!


19 September 2016 - Arkendale Teddy Bear

Arkendale Bear - Many of you may have noticed the 3 metre high teddy bear made from straw bales and wondered what it's all about. The teddy bear was made by Arkendale resident Wendy Lill (Houseman) in aid of Saint Michaels Hospice.

Wendy is running a competition to name the bear. If you or your children would like to guess his name, details can be found on (just search for Wendy Lill).

The bear is situated as you approach the village from the A168 just past the A1 flyover. Do take a look next time you pass you can't miss him!


21 March 2016 - Allerton Waste Recovery Park Landscape & Cultural Heritage Fund

A meeting was held in the Blue Bell Inn to discuss ideas for projects in and around the village. A significant amount of money is available over the next five years for projects in the communities near to the Allerton Waste Recovery Park, and Arkendale should ensure it does not lose the opportunities this fund provides.

26 members of the village attended. A number of suggestions were discussed and five of the more popular ones were selected initially for further investigation.

The minutes of the meeting are available here